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Communication – need batteries?

   So today as I become more dependent on my little mobile office access device, it suddenly started to vibrate to warn me it was running low on power and was shutting down. Ok, now what do I do?

I have a desk drawer full of batteries. I have little square 9 volts, small little round AAA, AA and A size batteries, plus a hand full of C and D cell sized batteries. But oh no, that won’t do you any good, as this new little wonder takes a battery thats about 4 pages of paper thick and half the size of an old baseball card.

Now I need to go buy extra cables so I can get my cute little mobile phone/email/word processor/spreadsheet
/calulator/calender/portable office device plugged into a power source.

If I have to keep it plugged in about half the time, just how is this making me more mobile?


January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Communication, thinking, thoughts, Typing out loud, Words

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