Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

Communication – email

What a wonderful thing email can be. It gives me the ability to share a thought with a group of people in a single click of the computer. And of course it means people do not actually have to talk to people. Why pick up a phone an talk to a person to discuss an issue when you can exchange an email enstead.

But what if the other person has a question about what you had to say? They end up sending an email back with a question. Then they wanted their co-worker to know about the quesion, so they also copy that person on the response.

Now you see that they have included someone else in on the conversation, so you must include another on your team, so they are aware that someone has asked you to respond to a question and you want to give your team member a chance to contact you regarding the topic.

So, now you end up taking a phone call from your team member to discuss just how you should respond to the question that has been rasied. Now when you respond their are now four people involved in the what was supposed to have been a simple email to one other person.

Next of course what you see are responses from each of team members giving their valuable input into this complex question. And of course they have each expanded the the email by coping another team member they work closely with and for whom’s opinion they value!

Question; have you been counting how many emails you are now having to read? Next time, pick up the phone and call the person!


February 4, 2008 - Posted by | Communication, thinking, thoughts, Typing out loud, Words

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