Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

The Power of a Word!

The Power of a Word!

   Words have the power to change feelings, which can be one of the greatest powers in the world. 

“Love”, is one of those words which has the power to make you feel like you are one of the most important people in the world, or it can take you to the depths of despair in the case of “I Do Not Love You”. 

   We each utter words every day of our lives.  Words that can leave behind a trail of “love”, “hate”, “sorrow”, “happiness” and “despair”.   It is said we sometimes speak without thinking.  But truly, how can a word be uttered without thought somehow driving the process.  Again feelings come into play.

   It is speaking without feeling that epitomises the ability of a person to cause emotional pain without intent.  The emotional baggage loaded upon another person has proven to be more than some people can bear.   People have chosen to lose and ear over words of less.

   Then again, the simple act of saying “Thank you” can instill a feeling of warmth which extends to the depths of a person’s heart.  Were-as, expressing a “Thank you!”, to the person who just took what was the last sale item on the table, can generate a completely different emotional response in the other person.

   So what is said, many times has to be taken into account with the how said and circumstance’s in which it is said, to understand the feelings that may have been generated.  The ability of the good writer to do the same, but only in written or printed word is equally as interesting. 

  Words can be more than they appear or sound to be.


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