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How long does a cold last?

    Have you ever wondered just how long a cold is supposed to last.  Is it three days, one week, two weeks or something more than that?  Well, I caught a cold, complete with runny nose, watery eyes, coughing Old time cold.and little sleep just before Christmas.  Of course, having it last through the end of the month was not a total surprise.  Then about the middle of January, just when I thought it was all done, my “cold” caught it’s second wind. 

    So back with a vengeance, it reared it’s ugly head to my mine miserable.  The good news is, it finally started to leave somewhere around the middle of “what month is it?”, oh yes, February.  The good news is I’m finally sleeping through the whole night and waking up feeling pretty rested.  Though the expectorant and cough suppressants are no longer needed on a daily basis, I have found that I still need the twelve hour antihistamine to keep the pipes clear into the morning.

     So just when I’m feeling pretty good about myself, the misses develops a flue bug, complete with the sudden onset of stomach contractions which have the result of emptying all contents!  

     Well it’s been four days and no sign of cross contamination.   After watching her, I think perhaps my drugged out cold, is perhaps not so bad!


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