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Watching the Academy Awards or “Mr. Oscar”

     I set here with my wife this evening watching the presentations of “Oscar’s” on the 80’th Academy Awards.  Like many other millions of people around the world we watch to see who has been selected as the person most worthy of receiving what for many is a once in a lifetime recognition.  Why watch this instead of some other program offering?  Is it because we have been waiting all year for this event?  Is it because we have a burning desire to see if our favorite actor, actress, movie, playwright, director, or seamstress was picked among all the hundreds or more of others as being the best? 

      Well, the truth of the matter is, everything else is either a re-run, a form of CNN New, a commercial made to look like a show, or just plain uninteresting.  I think most all the other networks have just given up on trying to beat the competition on “Oscar” night.  To bad though, that in an age of 100-plus cable TV channels they cannot come up with one good competitor for the Academy Awards.

     It’s not all bad though.  Thanks to the Oscar’s we will now have an idea of what movie to go see at the local dollar theater.  OK, it’s now the $2.50 dollar theater, but still much less then the first run locations.   Of course now that we know what the good movies are that we have not yet seen, we can wait until next weekend to go see one.  I just realised we like all the bad movies, as the few we did see this year did not win any awards?  You would think that at least one out of the five would have own.  This year we need to get out more, so next year we have a better chance of having see an “Oscar” rated movie, before it is one.


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