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What happened to Spring?

Is it just me, or did the Midwest jump right from Winter, straight into the throes of Summer?  Only last week we had nights with temperatures down below freezing.  Average ground temperature has been hovering around 56 degrees Fahrenheit, which is barely warm enough for seeds to germinate.  Spring is supposed to be the time of warm spring breezes blowing in your face, while you plantseeds in preparation for what awaits you come summer. 

   Not this year.   Winter has seemed to hang on like a giant ice-sickle, clinging to the edge of your roof, on that one corner of the house that just never seems to get any sunlight.  Just when you would think Spring as here, another chunk of ice comes falling down to remind you that winter has not yet given up.

   Then along comes the last four days and bamb!  Temperatures soar up into the upper 80’s and threatening us with 90’s.   So, checking the calender, I see that we really are approaching Summer, at least according to this long time standard of reference. 

   So, back to my original question.  What ever happened to Spring?


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