Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

Babes or Dolls……..

First, no not babes. This is about real Dolls. Not not the ones that walk down the Catwalk, but the ones you find posed up on the shelf being eye candy to little girls everywhere.

Dolls catching the eye.



Behind the glass case American Dolls stand posed to catch the eye of every little girl who walks by.




Every Doll needs something to dress up in.



                                        Every Doll needs an outfit!







Here we find Dolls all lined up in a row.


Ok, truth be known, I really do not have much of an interest in Dolls.  But, my young nieces sure did when visiting the American Doll Store.  Where else could you ever find not only a place with a selection of dolls and doll outfits to stagger the mind and overwhelm the senses of every little girl out there?  Plus, need a place to grab a bite?  They have there own eatery complete with highchairs for the newly purchased Doll of their Dreams!  Now, all you need is a really good piece of plastic!


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