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Getting weaker…….

Day 4 of building the backyard fence.

  Got up early this morning and started in working on Day 4’s regiment of rebuilding the back yard fence.  The thought of spending more time taking the remnants of the old fence apart did not appeal to me today.  So, I started in building some of the new sections today. 

   Having purchased preassembled fence sections really seemed like a good idea.  Works pretty good on level ground, but when traversing terrain with a far amount of slope to it, a problem was realized.  All those lovely preasembled boards really do need to be nailed at an angle on a slope, or you end up with one side being off the ground way too high to be useful.  OK if you want every dog and cat around in the neighborhood running through your yard.  No desiring this effect “plan B” had to be put into effect.

   Plan B:  All face boards had to be removed and cross members mounted separately, so all those nice labor saving face boards could once again be installed back to the cross member at an angle.  Accordingly, I’ve had to tear down an old section, disassemble a new section and then rebuilt the the new preassembled/disassembled section of fence.  Now I know why the professionals usually show up with a large stack of timber which they assemble on-site.  Turns out it can be easier.

The new fence rises from the wreckage of the old.

The new fence rises from the wreckage of the old.

So a new fence rises from the debris of the old.  Four more sections to go before I hit the corner.  Then it’s a mere 12 or so to go before it’s done.  The good news is the most of the back yard run is fairly level, so I will actually get a chance to use some of the sections in one piece! 
So after spending most of the day digging holes in the ground, taking fences apart and putting them back together again, I received a workout that would make a power lifter proud.  Only problem is, right now I feel like instead of getting stronger I feel weaker than I did earlier in the week!  But, I am sure that after the soreness goes away and I feel like walking again, I’ll be ready to start on Day 5.

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