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Day 6 – Only one more day before the “Day of Rest”.

Day 6 of building the back yard fence.

   Well, after spending a most wonderful day at work, I returned home to what is beginning to feel like the “project without end”!  Actually, I did manage to get a couple more sections of the old fence torn down in preparation for the next session of new fence building.  

   The good news is I was able to get another good couple of hours of power lifting exercise accomplished.  So at the end of the days, or rather evenings workout, I trouged back up to the house completely drenched in a glissing coat of sweat.  Strapped around my waste was my genuine carpenter nail sack holder loaded with six pounds of reddish rust covered nails, all of which were bent into every shape except a straight line. 

   As of this evening approximately sixty percent of the old fence has been totally disassembled and stacked into the corner of the yard which contained what was once the beginning of our summer garden.  We may not be growing great looking flowers or a selection of fresh vegetables, but we have a really great pile of wood which is taller than any flower we could have grown anyway.

  Now, what to do with an ice cream pail full of rusty nails?  And, I’ve still got forty percent of the fence to go.  Then again, isn’t the seventh day supposed to be the day of rest?


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