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Words are but thoughts made visible.

Day 8, What happened to Day 7?

Day 8 of building the back yard fence.

   What happened to day seven?  Didn’t get anything done during day seven.  Had to work late, so by the time I made it home it was starting to get dark and building a fence in the dark is not a good idea.

   So today, was day eight, and once again I ended up having to work late and arrived home in time to see the sun setting over the Western ridge.  So here I am, just having finished a late supper and it’s almost time to head to bed, so I can rest up for another day back at the job.  No, not the fence job, but the one that helps pay the bills.  A person must priorize and paying the bills ranks right up there toward the top. 

   Of cource, heading back into the work place is not anywhere near as much fun as heading into the back yard to do fence building.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a shorter work day and I’ll have more time to finish the work day, working on the back yard fence. 

   Let’s just say that today was a lower exercise day following the seventh day, which of course was supposed to be the “day of rest” anyway.


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