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Day 17 and things move into high gear in the back yard.

Day 17 of building the back yard fence.

  Day 16 was another bust day, as I had to drive out of town on business and did not get back in time to do anything new in the back yard.  But, what with the weekend finally having arrived, day 17 was a very productive day. 

  I was able to finish up installing all the remaining sections today.  It was a bumper crop of sections, what with five sections being installed today.  It was really helpful that I had a couple support posts which I had replaced last year.  Of course, the fact I had to replace a few posts last years was likely a premonition of things to come.

   What with all the sections up, I now only have to focus on building the entry gates.  This should prove interesting, as I’ve never built a gate door from scratch before.  I’m thinking that if I just pay close attention to how the old ones are make, I should be able to duplicate the same general format and construction.  I did cheat a little bit in that I purchased a framing kit for reinforcing the gate frames, which should make construction a bit easier. 

   I am sure there are people who would ask why has this been taking so long.  Well the big difference between me and a professional fence building company, is most companies have a number of employees that show up and install a new fence.  They also usually do not have to worry about taking the old fence , of if they do they do not have to take a fence apart in a manner that makes it easier to dispose of.  As it was, taking into account that there was only me, and that this was a part time job opportunity, it has gone fairly quickly overall.  Of course the best thing for me is I have likely saved upwards of $4,000 by doing it myself.

   I can hardly wait to tackle taking on the replacement deck!  Well, maybe I can wait a little while.


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