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People keep wondering, “How long does a cold last”?

  Seems like the number of people wondering about how long a cold lasts is increasing each week.  I suppose that with Winter approaching, cold season will soon be upon us.  According to some hospital staff I know, the typical cold will last anywhere from 3 to 5 days.  If it lasts longer than this and you start having shortness of breath, or continued low grade fevers (99-101), you likely have contracted a respiratory infection, compliments of your neighborhood “Cold”. 

   The next question is usually, “how do you avoid getting a cold”?  The best answer is “Wash your hands”.  The next best  answer is “Wash your hands”!  If you see a trend, I think you are catching on.  Aside from staying far away from people with colds, washing your hands is the best way to reduce your exposure to common germs.  A side benefit of washing you hands is that you will reduce your odds of catching a flu virus at the same time. 

   If you do catch a cold, get some rest, if at all possible.  This may only mean only being able to head to bed early.  Like many of you, I really need the money, and as such do not like to miss too much work.  Do drink lots of fluids (water is great).  Take some of your favorite pain & fever reliever to stay comfortable and try not to overexert if you can.  Most bosses will understand you moving a little slower if you say you’ve caught a cold, but feel well enough to work.  But, if all else fails, head home and crawl into bed and make up for all those hours of sleep you’ve been missing all week.  Hope you feel better soon.


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