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Great Big Red Stadium.

   Deep in the heart of Nebraska lies a city within a city.  The city is Lincoln, the city inside is the University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium.  For a brief period of time, this stadium becomes one of the top ten populated cities in Nebraska.  Not having been raised in the state, it was somewhat surprising to witness first-hand the public mania that overcomes the fans of Husker Nation. 
   For a one day period Memorial Stadium obtains a population of almost 86,000 people.  This makes Memorial Stadium “city” the third largest city, only falling behind Omaha and Lincoln.  The other amazing statistic is every game is a sold-out game.  Having a sold-out game for a say five or so years would be pretty amazing.  How about being sold out for over 40 years!    1961 was the last year that there was not a sold out game at a Husker football game. 
   The thing that is nice to see is that though the team may have been struggling the last few years, each and every game remains sold-out.  Of course what is even more important is each game the seats keep filling up.  Back when they were winning back-to-back titles it was understandable why people kept coming game after game.  What’s nice to see, is that they keep coming because win or lose, they still support the team.
   I am not really into football all that much myself.  I try to get to at least one game each year, just to enjoy the experience of watching.  No not the game.  The Fans!  After all, they are what I can stand and say I am really proud of Nebraska for having such great fans!
One Big Red Stadium!
One Big Red Stadium!



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