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Still sick!

Here it is, heading toward week two and the darn cold will not go away.  At the end of last week, I thought I was getting a bit better and along came Saturday and new symptoms started to kick in.  Broke out in a fever peaking toward 103, and knew it was time to head into the Doctor.  Apparently the congestion sprouted some bronchial or lung infection, so it was time to hit the antibiotics. 

   Up to this point, it had just been one of those darn colds the starts up high and works it’s way down low.  So now after five days on pills, and other cold medicine, my lungs are feeling clearer, but boy is the back of the roof of my mouth sore.  All this sinus congestion has resulted in breathing through my mouth during the night, which in turn has resulting in some log sawing of Redwood sized proportions. 

   I guess that little dangly thing at the back of your mouth and throat area (epiglottis for those that care) had taken one too many nightly poundings and is sore at me.  Ok, perhaps just sore.  It’s like having a really bad throat at the very top of your throat. 

   There is no guessing about it.  I still really hate colds and just being sick in general.


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