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Bowling makes my finger hurt.

   Did something this weekend I have not done in about ten years, I went bowling.  The family wanted to spend a weekend afternoon seeing just how many pins we could leave standing.  It ended up being a good excuse to dig through the closet and find the old bowling bag, ball and shoes.  

   Well the first good news was the shoes still fit.  At least my feet have not gained any weight over the years.  The first couple throws were a little rusty, but after a bit, things started to click.  In my case, clicking is hitting a score of over 150.  My old average was a modest 158, so getting close was a confidence builder.  In the next game I almost hit 180, which being over my old average, was a very nice treat after so many years. 

   As much fun as it was to throw the old ball again, it was more fun watching the grandson get just a little bit excited about rolling the ball down the bumper protected gutters, at speeds that well surpassed the quickest turtle you can find anywhere.  Of course it is hard to compete with the new Play Station he has at home, so getting more than seven frames of excitement was an obtainment to be relished.

   As you might expect, there is no way to do something you have not done in may years without your body providing a certain degree of payback.  In my case, the payback was a ring finger that felt like it had been dislocated and or injected with a pure dose of arthritis.  If that is what arthritis feels like, I really hope I never get it.  But, all in all, not a bad outcome for having so much fun.  I might just try doing this again before the next ten years slip away from me.


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