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There are more than Cold’s hiding out there.

   Though cold season is not yet over, there is more than just head-cold’s hanging around.  Though this years cold was about a three week event, the main cold lasted about a week with a couple really bad head pressure and light fever days.  Though I ended up taking one day off and heading into the doc’s by the end of the first week, due to a minor lung infection, it still beat out getting the flue bug.

   This years Flue bug can really be a bad one.  I did get the flue shot and it’s been reported that this years shot which matches really close to the strain going around.  So, so far so good on the flue front.  One of my co-workers was not as fortunate.  He was good on Monday, and by Tuesday morning, shortly after midnight, the bug hit with full force.  He did not show back up to work until the next Monday.  From the reports coming in, you not only empty out all stomach contents, but end up shall we say, “flushed out at both ends!”  The biggest danger with this virulent strain of flue is that you can end up totally dehydrated, which could mean you end up in the local emergency room with an I.V. fluid bag flowing into your arm to get your fluid back up. 

   So if you end up catching this nasty little bug, I would recommend getting to your doctor sooner than later.  At least your physician can perhaps get you something to calm down your stomach and keep your fluid level up.  Though if your interested in dropping off a quick 5 to 15 pounds, just stick around the house.  But, don’t go far from the bathroom, as you may not make it in time.

   So, in the meantime, keep washing your hands and maybe even keep a small bottle of hand degermer close by.  Good luck and stay healthy!


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