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Is HiDef really better than standard TV?

   Up until our old TV set starting have a bad case of color hiccups, I really thought our TV had a great picture.  The old set was a 55 inch Mitsubishi digital projection set, which thanks to progressive scanning made a standard 512 interlaced analog signal look pretty darn good.   This is as compared to a standard analog TV of course.  The large screen format was really nice too.  But now we have 58 inches of plasma in HiDef and of course I had to look for differences if any.

   Well, the bottom line is, we now have a wide screen format TV which actually can display the whole screen without image distortion.  Is the picture really more defined than the old progressive scan set?  The answer is a resounding “yes”.  Not sure I would say it looks 3D, but it’s getting close. 

   The other news is, the world is now full of people who have gotten thinner!  For years now, I have viewed a standard 4:3 ratio analog TV image stretched into a progressive fit which though it did present things in the middle of the screen as pretty normal, it stretched images wider and wider toward the image sides to fill up the screen into the 16:9 ratio screen.  Thus everyone tended to put on just a little weight as they moved around on the screen.  Over time, I think my mind simply did a little visual averaging to compensate with the result that I was seeing people looking heavier than they really were.

    Now with everyone and everything properly proportioned, everyone appears in my minds eye as having gotten thinner.  Now of course I am forced into the position to go out and purchase a video camera, so I can watch myself on the new TV.  That’s right, I need to loose a couple pounds myself.


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