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The Cost of Healthcare.

   Each of us, keep hearing about the high cost of health care.  One of the first things that pops into mind is the high incomes of doctors and medicines.  There are perhaps a number of other factors to consider as well.  We are told that electronic medical records is the answer to driving down the high cost of health care, but is it?

   First, addressing the doctor income question, most people would agree that making a couple hundred thousand a year is a very good income.  I agree, it is much higher than my sub-three figure income, but is it out of range for what they do?  Consider that many corporate CEO’s of large multi-state banks, or major corporations, make near or much more than a million each year or in other words the same as many wall-street brokers.  I would say doctors however that based on these examples, doctors are underpaid.  Doctors save lives; not too many corporate CEO’s can say the same.

    Next, consider the cost to move to all electronic records.  Is this being done for free?  Last time I investigated, the cost was millions per hospital to move into electronic medical records.  Is there going to be better health care at lower costs as a result?  Probably not anything close to what is being sold to the public, is more likely the answer.  Will care be better?  Well, other doctors and hospitals will have better access to records, if they can accept the data files.  After all, everyone runs the same software don’t they? Oh, “Sad Mac” attach I think.

   What about the cost of drugs?  Well, you got me on this one!  The drug company’s sell the very same drugs to other countries for a fraction of the cost they charge us Americans.  They do this, they tell us, as it’s the only way to re-coop the cost of the drugs being sold overseas.  When was the last time you heard a major drug manufacturer tell stock holders they were selling anything at a loss?  I rest my case on this one.

   What about the cost for the medical equipment?  Is it too high you might ask.  Well that depends on what you want the hospital to use on you, the next time you might ever have to go into a hospital for tests or treatment.  Or for that matter, on another member of your family!   Everyone wants to have the best for them and their family.   It should be no surprise, this is not the least expensive route to take to health care.  That latest and greatest CT Scanner, you know, the one with 64 slices of whole body scanning in under a minute comes at a very high cost.  The typical CT Scanner or MRI Scanner will set you back a good couple million US Dollars, by the time you place it inside a room and supply power to it.  If you could set it outside in the parking lot, you might get by for a mere 1.5Mill, but who would want to get scanned on a cold winter or rainy day?   Yes, our health care is expensive, but then a Ferrari is more expensive than a Smart Car as well. 

   So is our health care expensive?  You bet it is.  The thought of what would happen if I did not have any health care insurance is very scary.  This is perhaps reason for some form of sponsored Major Medical coverage program through the government to cover serious illnesses, but not routine illnesses?  Just remember, bottom line is, “You Get What You Pay For”!   So be careful the next time you demand CHEEP Healthcare!


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