Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

Things so large. It’s all relative in a Quantum Sense.

   After trying to grasp ones mind around the immensity of the size of the universe, perhaps looking the other direction would be easier? 

    Instead of a telescope, perhaps using a microscope is the answer.  It should be easier grasping the very small, right?

   That’s what I started thinking until I was reading an article regarding particle physics and and the realm of subatomic particle physics, otherwise known as Quantum Physics.

   Did you know that if you were to take a building, lets say the size of a football stadium which can hold something like  20,000 fans for comparison.  If the nucleus of an atom were the size of a gum ball, the electrons orbiting the atom would be up in the nose-bleed seats, with nothing but empty space in-between.

    So if every atom has this much empty space within itself, this means everything is made mostly of nothingness.  With so much of nothing making up everything, it’s amazing there is anything?

   And then we go even smaller in the the absolute realm of quantum particle physics were even the parts of an atom are made up of many more things, with space inbetween each of these parts.

   So if we look to the large, things just keep getting larger.  If we look inward to the smallest of the small, things keep getting smaller.

   I have to go lay down now.  My head is hurting again.


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