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Just a spoon full of paint, helps the wallpaper go away.

  Well, perhaps a spoon full of paint is a bit of an understatement.  The other weekend we tackled the downstairs bathroom.  For years we have put up with a wallpaper selection we never would have picked for ourselves, but it came with the house, wasn’t totally ugly, and was in overall good shape.  So about once every six months or so, the misses would say “I would really like to get rid of this wallpaper” statement.  So what does it take to get motivated to tackle this project?  How about back to back visitors from out of town within a single month?

    Well, knowing that company was going to be arriving, followed by another weekend of visitors, followed by a third weekend of visitors was all it took to finally convince ourselves that it was time to take on the paper.  So our weekend project started with the removal of the old wallpaper, which went fairly well overall.  But, I have learned that it is hard to remove wallpaper without having to basically skim coat the whole wall area with mud compound to get the wall back to a smooth surface that would be suitable for the application of a fresh coat of primer.  Well, that took care of the first weekend.

    The second weekend we were ready to paint!  OH, that’s right, you do need paint don’t you.  So off to the local hardware store chain to pick out some paint.  Did you ever notice just how many paint colors there are.  Though with my picklickness of color preferences, I could have picked a color and left.  The misses picked out a good selection of various color sampled to bring home and chose from. 

     Turns out within the color selections there was just the right choice for the living room and den area’s!  Turns out we had a gallon in the basement which really was just the right thing for the bathroom.  Well, in the end, the bathroom received a nice new coat of paint, as well as the living room, den and ceilings!  Did I fail to mention that you cannot put a fresh coat of paint on walls without putting a nice new coat of paint on the ceiling.  At least the ceiling paint came in a very nice standard white, which made color selection much easier.

    One last thing.  No bathroom is complete without new towel racks and light-switch covers!


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