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80 on 80 in Nebraska

So, your heading West across the big wide state of Nebraska.  You are driving down the Interstate Highway number 80, traveling at 75 miles per hour plus.  Or as some would say, doing 80 on 80!
After traveling for hours after crossing from Iowa into Nebraska, you see something up ahead which does not look like a normal overpass up ahead.  As you get closer you can see what appears to be a giant covered bridge, straight out a Madison County Bridges scene from the Outer Limits. 
What you see as you get closer is what is actually a building which spans across the interstate, which contains a history lesson on how the West was made.   Having driven underneath this monument a number of times over the years, we did actually take the time to stop and go inside during one trip in years past. 
This is what could be one of the best stopping points along what is an otherwise very boring stretch of highway.  What I cannot understand for the life of me, is that they forgot to place the thing near any exits?  If you want people to stop and shop, do not expect people to drive backwards the other direction over 3 miles.  the average person is not going to feel they have the time to drive over six miles out of their way to see something that they have no Idea about what is inside.
Hopefully they will add an exit near this wonderful buildings, to make it more accessable and inviting for passerbys, to not pass this one up.
The great Platte Arch Monument

The great Platte Arch Monument


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