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The end of my Cold has arrived.

   Well, it has been seven days today since my cold set in.  As of this morning I finally felt back to 100% normal.   Monday and Tuesday, I was still waking up with a plugged nostril, but a handful of kleenex was lasting the whole day.  Yesterday was much better, though I did have a piercing head pain that would not go away.  By head pain, I do not mean a head-ache.  This was a pain, starting on the left upper side of my head, which drove like a nail right into dead center between the ears.  Not sure what a migraine is supposed to feel like, but maybe I now do?

   Today, one full week from last Thursday, I felt very much back to normal, with the exception of a minor head-ache that seemed to come and go throughout the day. 

   So, how long does a cold last?  Well, this one was bad for four and better for three days.  But regardless, this cold was still better than coming down with a flu bug.

   May yours be non-existant.


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