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Is a Crash, an Accident?

   So, does having someone run into your car with theirs, constitute having an accident or a crash?  I was once told that there are really very few accidents, but a lot of crashes that take place every day. 

  Regardless of how you define it, I was afforded the opportunity to experience what I will call a “crash” the other day.   The other driver was in the middle of a tree lane road, while I was driving down the right hand lane.   The other driver spotted their turn and decided as they were almost ready to go past, to make a quick dash to the right. 

   unfortunately for me, I happened to be in the right hand lane, going straight.  This created somewhat of a dilemma for me, as my 4×4, though very good at getting moving in the snow, is not able to stop any faster than the next guy.  Of course given about two car lengths to drop from 35 to 0 miles per hour was an insurmountable achievement for even the best vehicle on the road.  But if you toss in some remanent winter salt and sand on the pavement and you end up with an even better mixture for suc-crash.

   So here I go into the next week, minus my beautiful new 4×4 with a mere 3,000 miles on it.  Instead, I get to drive around this week in what feels like a clown car from a three-ring circus.  I am not a small person, so the effect, feels to be magnified, at least from my perspective anyway. 

  I will say that I am glad to say no one was hurt in the crash.  Notice I did not call it an accident.  Reason for this is anytime the other person has clothing and stuff, piled up to the ceiling in the back seat, plus almost as much in the front passenger seat, plus they are smoking while the decide to make sudden and illegal turns at random, are not having an accident.  They are a crash just waiting to happen.  Then if you add to the mix they are driving a rental car while doing all this, it makes even less sense.

   So, I must say that I was involved in an Accident this last week, which was caused by a moving CRASH, which was waiting for me to come along.

I can hardly wait to see what the new week has in store.


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