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Words are but thoughts made visible.

Spring time in Nebraska.

   The season of spring is in the air of Nebraska.  For those who have not been here, contrary to movies and comedians, this is not a land of just grass lands and cattle.  After all, out in western Nebraska, there are oil wells!   Did you know that at one time, Omaha Nebraska was the central hub of all passenger trains traveling from the east or west.  It was true that all rails lead to Nebraska. 

    But where was I?  Oh yes, Spring time has arrived.  The flowers have bloomed, and trees are in flower and the grass is growing almost faster than you can mow it.  Of course, that assumes you are mowing only once a week.  Though as fast as the recent rain has kick started everything, I could be mowing twice a week to keep things looking better groomed. 

   The geese have landed in the nearby pond and soon there will be newborns swimming amongst the reeds.  Yes, spring has arrived in Nebraska, and it makes me happy.


April 26, 2010 - Posted by | Nebraska

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