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24 Hour Flu Bug, or is it?

   I am feeling my normal self, once again.  Monday afternoon, was the first signs of stomach queasiness.  Two hours later I passed queasiness and moved straight into inverse mode.  Inverse mode, in case you are wondering, is where what is on the inside of your stomach moves to the inverse direction. 

  Upon completion of the stomach emptying ritual, it was time to move into the shake rattle and roll mode.  Or, if you prefer, whole body shakes and shivers.  This phase only lasted about 6 hours, before fading away.  I was then left with a huge headache which started sometime earlier, but I was too distracted to notice. 

   So it was now about midnight, my stomach feels like there’s a basketball knotted inside it.  I have body aches everywhere except toes and fingers; go figure.  I cannot sleep more than about 30 minutes before waking up not able to find a comfortable position.  I spend the night rotating between getting up going to watch a little late night TV, followed by heading back to bed for another 30 minute toss and turn episode.  By morning, I felt all better, except for the headache, body aches, knot in stomach, and an energy level just big enough to lift a feather.

  As you may have surmised, I called in sick at work on Tuesday.  Tuesday morning and early afternoon were just a repeat of the night before.  So here I was 24 hours later, after having first felt the onset of an illness hitting me, not feeling better.  So much for the 24 hour bug idea.  So far the only thing I had to eat, was a can of 7up spread over about 5 hours.  Not that I had much of an appetite to begin with, I did try a pudding cup and about a third of cup of chicken noodle soup. 

   So, by midnite, I was able to get almost an hour of continuous sleep at a time.  By Wednesday morning, I was feeling better, but not great.  Still had the huge headache, felt a little stronger than a baby, and I felt up to having some fruit for breakfast.  As such, figured I could tough out the day at work, just as easily as being bored at home watching daytime TV (yuck).  Kept feeling a little better throughout the day.  By late afternoon, all that was left was the huge headache, feeling weak and tired, and an occasional small stomach twinge.  I think the stomach twinge was from the big lunch.  Had a granola bar and some lemonade drink.  I was so stuffed!

   So after all this, I figure it’s time we officially rename the 24hour bug to at least the 48hour bug.  At least then people would have a better idea of just how long they have to wait until they start to feel normal again.

So remember if asked the Stomach Flu, also called the 24hour bug, is not officially the 48-HOUR BUG.


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