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Time and Space – part 2

   I wrote a while back about some thoughts on Time and Space.  There seems to be much conflicting information regarding the true nature of the universe.  Another item which crossed my mind the other night as I lay in bed waiting for sleep to arrive, was the rate of the expansion of the universe.

  Hubble measured the expansion of the universe to be one of ever-increasing rates of speed, the farther distant you look.  I have yet to hear of a theory of why this difference in speed exists.  Well, as I was contemplating this issue, a deep dark thought occurred to me.  No, not anything evil, but rather Black Hole Theory.  When you  think about a the gravity well of a Black Hole, the concept that comes to my mind is one of a string of rubber bands.  In this case, rubber bands that start off as weak ones, followed by ever larger ones and more powerful ones as you approach the Black Hole. 

  So what does this have to do with the expansion of the universe?   First you have to think about what is beyond the boundary of the universe?  Based on much of what I have read, what is perhaps most logically to be expected is a total pure vacuum.  Not the vacuum of space as we know space outside the boundaries of the Earth, Solar System, or even the vacuum of space between the Milky Way and our neighbor the Andromeda galaxy.  For this space is anything but empty.  All the partial physicists agree that in the vacuum of space as we know if, you will find molecules abound and particles keep popping into and out of existence in the subatomic regions of space.

   Now back out to beyond the known universe, is the pure vacuum of nothingness that existed prior to the singularity, or event region between different dimensions, which Banged, or Tore itself, depending on theories, into being. 

   I think of this pure vacuum of nothingness as being the source of why the galaxies further away, are moving faster and faster the further you look.  Think of the inverse of the Black Hole effect.  as the universe expands, matter is moving farther away from each other.   This increasing distance correlates to a reduction in the force that gravity can expend between the gravity wells of the galaxies.  This would mean that the true vacuum of space outside the universe, is acting as an attraction force drawing matter ever outward at ever-increasing velocity as the force of gravity becomes weaker as matter is spread ever thinner in our expanding universe.  Thus as the force of gravity increases exponentially around a Black Hole, the force the The True Vacuum outside the boundary of the universe is having an exponential influence on the speed of the expansion of the universe as the universe thins due to expansion.  Thus, the closer the galaxy is to the edge of the universe, the faster it will move, being drawn, or pushed as it were, through a straw, from a region of high pressure of compacted matter, into and toward the low pressure region of the True Vacuum beyond the edge of the universe.

Ok, I think I can go to sleep now.


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