Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  I hope each one of you have something, or someone, you are feeling Thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Though we would like to be spending time with other members of the family, the Mrs and I will be spending T-Day by ourselves.   Though we have family who live here in the same city, our daughter will be spending the day with her family and in-laws this year.  Our other daughter lives hundreds of miles away, down in Texas with her spouse.   There is also family living hundreds of miles to the North, West and East.  So, driving to another location is really not an option for tomorrow.

   But we have much to be Thankful for.  We have family living in over six states whom we see at least on an annual basis.  We have daughters who call us and drop us emails on a regular basis, sharing their lives with us.  We have two grandson’s who live within just a few miles, with whom we get to spend frequent weekends with.  We have family members who care about us and keep us posted on their lives as well as asking about ours.  We both have good jobs, a nice home, newer reliable cars and food on the table every day.  (we could perhaps use a little less food on the table based on the scale?) 

    And best of all, each of us have the great fortune to have spent the last 36 years sharing our lives together.  I can only hope we both live long enough to double the time.


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