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Who to vote for?

Well, I watched the 1st presidential debate, and now the V.P. debate and I am always amazed at all the facts and figures that they know off the top of their head.  But, then later you find out that perhaps there was just a bit of rounding on the numbers.  Or, perhaps the numbers were just a bit inverted. Or then again, the number stated, really belongs to a different topic.  And of course, sometimes they are just down right wrong.  My parents always told me that if I was telling something that was not true, that was a lie!   Of course, that was back in the old days.  Apparently those old time rules do not apply in politics.

But, the most interesting thing to me i,s if you write down the question, and then keep glancing at the question as both individuals answer the question.  That’s right, rarely if ever do you get a direct answer to the question.  And why is that you ask?

The reason they do that, is because they can.  People generally have a very short, short-term memory.  They each know that they have a hand full of topics that they really want to talk about, and those are the ones they know will get people’s attention.

So, it goes something like this:
Q: How will you reduce unemployment?
A: The reason unemployment is so high is because the other guy does not have a good tax plan. My tax plan will give more money to people who will increase spending, increase job creation, and cure cancer!”

Ok, I made up the “cancer” line, but as you may have noticed I did not directly answer the question.  I gave you no specifics, because by being vague, I leave myself all kinds of wiggle room later when people start to pick apart anything I have said.  That’s right, you just misunderstood what it was I was saying!

What I meant to say was Healthcare is one of my top priorities.  Without good affordable healthcare, social security will not be solvent into the future for those who depend upon it when they cannot find a job.

Now what were we talking about?


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