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They call me Teddy Bear.

I recently spent a little time in Southern California, down south of Palm Springs in the Borrego Desert. While there was much hiking and enjoyment of the desert environment. While on a hike we saw many Cacti of many type. One very common to this as is a cute little cactus that goes by a very cutesy name.

It’s called the Teddy Bear Cactus. But make no mistake, this is not your cuddle up to me stuffed Teddy Bear. One touch and you will not forget this plant. Each and every spine is needle sharp and has more barbs than your worse nightmare fish-hook ever! As one in our party found out, you do not want to reach down and touch one of the small little balls that tend to fall off the plant. If you do, it will latch on, and hold on. Shaking it will only cause it to float around and poke more barbs into other area’s of your finger or hand. Then once you get rid of it, you may find that some of the spines pull loose from the plant and remain imbedded in your skin.

so after you figure our how to remove the barbs, you will find that your skin will be bothered for days to come due to small little surface hooks which snap off and remain where tweezers can not reach. But, according to a friend of mine, all is not lost. Have some bacon? Fry it up and save the grease, because after it cools and hardens, coat some on the area. Cover overnight, and you will find that barbs will magically rise to surface for easier removal.

Very common in the Borrego Desert.

Very common in the Borrego Desert.

Teddy Bear Catus up close.  Doesn't look so friendly now does it!


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