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Stacked from High overhead.

What does being high overhead refer to?  Well the moon of course.  And what you say, does “stacked” have to do with anything you may wonder.  Well, there are some programs out there that will take a video and separate out all the frames and Stack them into a single photo.  The whole point of doing this, is to take all the best parts of each video frame and form what will hopefully be a single photo that is better due to the sum of the best of each frame.

So, below if my very first attempt at doing this with a video I made of the Moon.  As can be seen, along the right and bottom edges, I need to work on the setting a little bit as the edges got smeared somehow?  But, the center area did turn out sharper than anything I was able to see in the video.

So,  what is stacked from high overhead.  Well the moon of course!

Moon Video-2


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