Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

Brain verses the Universe.

I ran across this awhile back, and it has stuck with me ever since.

Giving proper credit, the image below is from “”.

What is really interesting is I have seen other images which show basically the same thing, but not lined up side by side.  You may have heard before, that in nature there are reoccurring patterns.  Here we see another example of pattern similarities from the micro up through the extreme macro.

Brain verse the Universe!

Brain verse the Universe!

So, when you look at a brain cell and you see a pattern which matches that of the a section of the universe, what else comes to mind?  Perhaps the there are billions of similar cells that made up the mind, and there are billions of the same patterns of galaxies throughout the universe.   Accordingly if thought originates in a person from within the collection of cells of the mind, could it be possible that there is a source of a larger thought process which is larger than we can imagine?


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It’s bigger than it looks!

Yes I did envision taking my new telescope out each weekend for a quick view of the night, but I have to admit, I perhaps overlooked one minor item.  Bigger telescopes do weigh much more than smaller telescopes.  First you start off with the tripod that weighs in at around 40 pounds.  Now add on the motor drive unit and you tack on another 25-30 pounds, but that’s before you add on another 20-30 pounds of counter weights.  Ok, now your ready to put the optical tube (what we tend to think of as the telescope), adding on another 25-35 pounds or so.   So by the time you get everything put together, you have a device tipping the scales up around 140 pounds or more!

Now I am not a 90 pound weakling.  In fact I have always thought of myself as at least some what fit, and perhaps above average in terms of strength.  Well I have learned I can carry everything out put together, but I perhaps should not do so.  I find that the next day, my body is telling me I have lifted something fairly heavy the day before and perhaps we should not be doing that.   So,  I now at least take off the optical tube and then take the drive and counter weights off as a separate unit.

So, though I perhaps had not taken it out as many times as i planned, I have totally enjoyed the nights when I have.  Now figuring out how to make a camera work with it, is the next challenge.  Ok,learning my way around the sky at night and how to more accurately calibrate the Goto on the scope still need some refining, but that’s getting better pretty quickly.  Maybe I will start with some pics of the Moon.  After all the moon is a bit easier to find, and it’s so bright, any camera will do.

More to come.

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