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Goodbye 2020

If I am like a lot of other people last year, which I think I am, the year of 2020 will be remembered as a year we learned to really appreciate the many things we typically took for granted. Going out on the weekend to have a nice restaurant meal is one of the many things that were missed the most of 2020. Going to a movie, dining out, going shopping for new clothes, grocery shopping, or just walking through a store to look for items we might like, verses only going in for those things we absolutely must have. But most of all, just getting together with family and friends to share some personnel space together, being it is having a meal, playing a game, or just setting around to socialize about the prior week or month’s events and happenings.

If you were paying attention you also learned the value of wearing some form of filter mask during a pandemic outbreak. The value of which is more important to the people near you, rather than yourself. Though a simple filter mask does not provide a great level of protection for the person wearing it, it does limit your ability to spread a virus, should you be unlucky enough to have it.

I think it is not a coincidence that in a year when the most people ever where wearing filter masks, the number of cases of the seasonal flu is at an all time low. Many other countries have adopted a culture of social protection, where if you are feeling sick, you wear a mask to help prevent spreading it to your family, friends, co-workers and the general public around you in your daily life. So does everyone hopefully getting a Covid vaccine mean masks will no longer ever be needed? I think anyone who care about others around them, realizes that “masks” should and are likely, to be with us from now on. We should strive a a society to adopt those cultural practices from other countries which have proven to be effective in reducing the spread of illnesses such as Colds, Flu and yes, Covid’s, should we start to feel under the weather ourself.

So, my hope is that out of all the miseries that Covid-19 has wrought upon all of us, that perhaps from the lessons we have learned, our culture here in the good ol’ USA, can perhaps change just a little. With that change being we come to expect anyone and everyone who is feeling ill, will do something simple, like wearing a filter mask, to help no share there illness with everyone else. It could become the visible sign of a person who cares about others around them. Ok, that and the importance of washing one’s hands.


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