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Words are but thoughts made visible.

Things that go bump in the night.

Like so many in this time of Covid-19, I find we are isolated at home.  We are fortunate in that we live in a wooded area, which has some wildlife to help entertain us.  Of course many of our nighttime friends are somewhat shy and do not care to be watched directly.  As such, we have recently purchased a game camera and set it up in the back yard.  Below is a raccoon who came to visit and grab a couple pieces of food we placed out on the patio table.  We are looking forward to perhaps catching a live viewing once we learn what times our friend likes to visit.  This picture is taken with the nite camera, so it is only in B&W.  More to come in the future. So, the next time you are hearing some bumps in the night outside, don’t worry, it might just be a friendly masked friend.


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