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2021 started out looking like 2020, COVID all over again!

Here we are and it’s May of 2021 and perhaps we can finally see some light coming from the end of over a year of COVID. But, much still depends on a lot more people stepping up to the vaccination line and getting one of the approved COVID-19 shots. Everyone wants to get to the magical state of “Herd” immunity.

Unfortunately there are only two roads that lead to enough people being immune or at least highly resistant to COVID.

First: The first is the natural way. I hear so many people saying they do not trust anything that is not natural. The natural road to Herd immunity is that enough people catch COVID and build up immunity levels, to the point that they can fight the virus off and not pass it on to others. This road, though a long proven method, results in many people ending up dead in the process. Currently between 1 and 2 people out of every 100 who catch it die. The Black Plague, followed this process, as did polio right up until a vaccine was developed and everyone went and got it.

Second: People go out and get a vaccine shot which has been shown to be 90% or more effective at stopping a person from getting COVID and or, should still happen to get it, they get a much milder case. Recently in Nebraska, there was an outbreak in a nursing home (some of the most severely effected population at the start of the outbreak) in which all the residents’ had received one of the COVID vaccines. The outbreak resulted in 50% of the residents testing positive for COVID, but only two of those had any symptoms, and their symptoms were mild. Over the last year we had a number of outbreaks in facilities before the vaccines where available, and many people died in those pre-vaccine days. So far, the only possible vaccine deaths have been from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, in which a few people developed deadly blood clots for unknown reasons, resulting in around 10 deaths’. This was out of tens of millions of the J & J vaccine given. And we still do not know for sure what the direct correlation was, other than it was women. But we do know that about 1.8% of everyone who has contracted COVID-19 has died from it.

So, if we go by option #1, based on a population of lets say 300 Million, about 5,400,000 people will die before Herd Immunity is obtained. World wide, the number is staggering without a vaccine.

If we go by option #2, we have about a 0.000000077% odds that of 300 Million people getting a vaccine, there could be up to 230 people who could die, if everyone took the J&J vaccine. Based on all the data reported so far, we are looking at potential deaths in the low hundreds, not millions, if we can get everyone to get a COVID vaccine shot.

So I for one, have to vote that in this case, taking the natural route is just a stupid idea! This is based on everything that is known about the risks and benefits of the current vaccine. I think if you check, you will find that the Small Pox vaccine had complications that were much higher than those being seen with todays COVID-19 vaccines.

Lastly, for those who believe that God will take care of you. God already has, by giving you and me great scientific medical doctors, who have been working on coronavirus vaccines for over ten years. Because of this, they were able to develop a vaccine in record time for this new strain of coronavirus (COVID-10). So if you do not get a vaccine, you are not letting God take care of you.

After all, it is a free country and it is your choice. I hope you make the informed one.

PS. I did get mine and encourage everyone to get theirs too!


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