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Is our chance of Herd Immunity slipping?

Well here we are half way through 2021 and we have had vaccines available for months now. Even so, we only at about 50% of the population who having been willing to get one of the readily available vaccines. At first I was very hopeful that our US citizens would be willing to act as concerned citizens and all be willing to get one of the Covid-19 vaccines. Doing so would help to protect each other and get our country opened back up and able to fully and safely, get back to living more normal lives once again.

But now it is looking like there are way too many people who refuse to get a Covid vaccine because they believe all of them to be experimental or they buy into one of the many conspiracy theories trying to make people afraid of getting a vaccine shot. What I find most shocking of all, is how many healthcare workers I have seen in the news, who don’t believe in the science of the vaccines, even though thanks to science, they are providing what is supposed to be the most advance medical care available in the world. These are educated people of whom I would have thought would fully understand the concepts of modern medicine, based on years of medical science! Frankly, it makes me fear for the medical care I would receive from these people.

The sad facts are, that those of us who have received one of the vaccines, and or have already survived Covid-19, and or have survived and also gotten one of the vaccine shots; all have a very low risk of succumbing to Covid-19 if exposed. At least for now anyway. But all of those who refuse to get what has been proven by millions of citizens to be a safe and effective vaccine, risk not only catching Covid-19, but catching one of the many variant mutations that have been emerging throughout the world, which spread even more easily. They also are risking everyone else, in that they could become the incubator of yet another variant of the Covid-19 virus.

The coronavirus strain known as Covid-19, is just a mutation of an earlier coronavirus which had mutated and made itself much easier to pass from person to person, infecting them as it did so. Currently our vaccines have been indicated to be effective against the all the currently known Covid-19 variants. But like all viruses, it will continue to mutate as long as it has a host (PEOPLE), in which to grow, mutate and spread.

As the virus mutates, it WILL, if given the chance, mutate into a form which is immune to all the current available Covid-19 vaccines. If this happens, then the world will once again find itself back in the year 2020 Covid situation. The way to stop this from happening, is to ensure the large majority of the USA and Worlds population have been immunized so that we do have herd immunity levels to ensure the COVID-19 virus dies out. The virus is not able to be passed along to people who have immunity.

In the United States alone, we have had over 600,000 reported deaths in the last year and a half. Should the virus be allowed to continue to spread and mutate into a virus for which our current vaccines do not work, we have no guarantee that another vaccine could be developed just as quickly. In that case, another 600,000 deaths could just be the start in this country.

The only rear way to eliminate Covid-19 is for everyone to get a vaccine shot. Just like Polio, Smallpox, and a host of other dreaded diseases, the only proven way to eliminate them, is if everyone gets vaccinated.

Well there is one other way. Just let everyone catch it, and the ones who survive will have some immunity and or join the growing numbers of Long-Haulers, who have continued health problems related to having been sick with Covid. The 1% to 2% who do not will just be a statistic, right?


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