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Borders Books are no more.

Boy, now I not only do I wonder about not having read every book, cover to cover, I wonder if I have not been buying enough books?
Seems like the new trend is the electronic books. This has been a real problem for book stores, as evidenced by the closing of the Borders Book Stores. Though I have heard that poor management was also at fault, people buying fewer books had to hurt them greatly.
It would be interesting to know what the volume of total books sold is. That being combination of print and electronic together. After all, is it a case of people reading less, or a shift to electronic media being the reason.
For myself, I still like to have a solid book in my hands. One that shows the whole page in a font size I can read all at once, verses scrolling down through the page. I also like the fact that I never need to charge or change the batteries in my book. During the daytime it lights up all by itself, just by opening the page to sunlight. I guess you might say a paper book is the best type of solar-powered reading device. Never a worry about pixels going out, a power supply failing, pages freezing requiring a reboot of the paper software, as there is none. Plus, in 100 years what do you think will still be readable on library book shelf somewhere?


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