Think I am just thinking.

Words are but thoughts made visible.

We have a new President.

  Well it’s official, we have a new President.  There are some who are ecstatic, there are others who still harbor bitterness that their candidate did not win.  Hopefully those who are ecstatic, will move forward always watching, listening and providing feedback through their Representatives, on how they feel things continue to move, both good and bad. 

   For those who feel the best candidate did not win, they have to face the realization that our Republic and it’s Democratic process selected This President and he now needs their support as well.  Again this means providing continued feedback on the good and bad through our local and state Representatives. 

   Many stood on different sides of the fence, but they must realize that like many neighborhoods, there can be two fences with a commons area in-between.  We all need to open the gate on our fence and meet in the Commons where we are free to talk, discuss and make decisions.  

   The greatest presidents were great because of the people they did their best to help lead.  Will this President be great, only time will tell.  But, without the efforts of the people working toward the common goal of a better country for us all, we cannot have either a great president or a great country.

Good luck Mr. President Obama.


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