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Time and Space?

  As lay in bed the other night, after a day long consumption of at least one full pot of coffee, I found sleep totally evading me.  Not being one to try something as arcane as counting sheep, I instead entered into other forms of mind exercises in an attempt to find the Zzzzzz’s which were eluding me.

   Having spent a few evenings browsing Hubble images on the Web, things started to make less sense then normal.  If Hubble is able to capture an image from which the light originated over 13 Billion years ago, which is closing in on the time of the big bang, a thought occurred to me. 

   First some assumptions:

    1.  The universe is expanding outward away from the source of the big bang.

    2.  Our Milky Way is at least half to three quarters of the way, away from the big bang source.

     3.  We are in the Milky Way, so we are also around 3/4 of the way toward the edge of the universe.

    So, if we are this far away from the source of the big bang, the Big Bang has to be in one direction away from us.  But, as the Hubble images have shown, no matter which way we point Hubble, the images look the same.  In other words, we can see over 13 Billion light years in every direction we look.  Shouldn’t the universe be shorter in one direction over the other?

    So this would mean that space is not uniform, and thus must have curvature to it.  But what form or shape this curvature is in the shape of, has yet to be explained.  Perhaps space is compressed in one direction and stretched in another, but to us, due to light speed limitations appears to more uniform than it is.  Perhaps also, the effects of the the first moments of the Big Bang, which having an expansion speed faster than the speed of light has impact?   After all, if a Black Hole can pull light into it with effects we do not fully understand, then perhaps expansion exceeding the speed of light would also have impacts beyond what we would normally be expected.

   So I managed to arrive at absolutely zero answers, but I did fall to sleep with something interesting on my mind.


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Running, or at least I used to.

   I used to run.  I can still remember what it felt like to be able to go for a run without a destination in mind, nor a time limit imposed by the limitations of my body.  It’s not that I cannot still run, as I can.  It’s just that today, I run at seven miles an hour, where I used to run at nine to ten.  I used to run for no less than an hour nonstop at top speed.  Today I need to slow to a walk half way to thirty minutes, soon after which I need to stop all together.

  I do not expect anyone to feel sorry for me, as I can still run.  I just cannot run like I used to.  I do not feel sorry for myself, I just miss going out and running without limits.  I was never the winner in a road race, though I ran in many.  I never finished in the top ten in a marathon, but I made the top fifty. 

  Though I maybe cannot run without limits anymore, I can still run, which in and of it self, can help make my day.  Not being able to do, does not mean not doing.  Remembering what was, does not mean forgetting what can be. 

   I think I might just try to go for a nonstop thirty minutes.  Even if I have to slow down just a little bit.

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Bowling makes my finger hurt.

   Did something this weekend I have not done in about ten years, I went bowling.  The family wanted to spend a weekend afternoon seeing just how many pins we could leave standing.  It ended up being a good excuse to dig through the closet and find the old bowling bag, ball and shoes.  

   Well the first good news was the shoes still fit.  At least my feet have not gained any weight over the years.  The first couple throws were a little rusty, but after a bit, things started to click.  In my case, clicking is hitting a score of over 150.  My old average was a modest 158, so getting close was a confidence builder.  In the next game I almost hit 180, which being over my old average, was a very nice treat after so many years. 

   As much fun as it was to throw the old ball again, it was more fun watching the grandson get just a little bit excited about rolling the ball down the bumper protected gutters, at speeds that well surpassed the quickest turtle you can find anywhere.  Of course it is hard to compete with the new Play Station he has at home, so getting more than seven frames of excitement was an obtainment to be relished.

   As you might expect, there is no way to do something you have not done in may years without your body providing a certain degree of payback.  In my case, the payback was a ring finger that felt like it had been dislocated and or injected with a pure dose of arthritis.  If that is what arthritis feels like, I really hope I never get it.  But, all in all, not a bad outcome for having so much fun.  I might just try doing this again before the next ten years slip away from me.

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Olympic Swimming, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Back-float.

  Watching the Olympic swimmers this evening, I do have to admire the skill and abilities of all the swimmers being so good at so many styles of swimming.  I’ve tried doing the backstroke and found that I really did like it.  Mainly because my head is always out of the water which positions my head and mouth in a position that allows me to BREATH!  I have always found this to be important.

    Though I can do the breaststroke, it’s does appear to be more of a modified dog-pattle if you ask me.  My freestyle is really good for the first few feet, but then I find it really necessary to get my head out of the water in order to BREATH! 

   So we finally come to the one style not really recognised by the Olympics and this is the Back-float.  I would love to be able to say I am a great back-floater, but truth be told, I am more of a Titanic back-floater.  My head does really good but for some reason my legs get pulled down by my feet and I find myself slipping into the deep like a warship who has taken a direct hit a stern.  As my feet hit an angle of about 45 degrees, my body just slips down below the surface.  As my head drops below the waterline, I keep wondering where my lifeboat is.

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Back to the Olympics. No more about fencing. How about Fencing?

  Well, enough about the back yard and fence work.  This week is for the Olympics.  Like a few (Million) other people around the world, my family were also tuning in to see just how well the U.S.A. teams faired against the world.  Had the chance to watch the China verses the USA in basketball.  Though the first half was somewhat closer, by the forth quarter the writing was already on the wall as to who the winner would be.  Regardless, it was a fun game to watch.  I thought the USA Team was playing much more like a true team and not just a bunch of big name stars who happen to be out on the basketball court at the same time.

  A large portion of the hype has been about swimming and Micheal Phelps, or so it seems.    Of course there have been a number of Olympic Champions to emerge from the games.  Check out Fencing for interested.  I know you thought I was done with all the fencing references, but in all seriousness, check out the results of the Women’s Fencing event, if you’re not already aware of the results.

  In Olympic Fencing, they swing long sordes at each other. 

In back yeard fencing, you swing a hammer. 



But in both, you must hit your target in order to win.  Accordingly, I should be receiving my Metal any day now!

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Day 17 and things move into high gear in the back yard.

Day 17 of building the back yard fence.

  Day 16 was another bust day, as I had to drive out of town on business and did not get back in time to do anything new in the back yard.  But, what with the weekend finally having arrived, day 17 was a very productive day. 

  I was able to finish up installing all the remaining sections today.  It was a bumper crop of sections, what with five sections being installed today.  It was really helpful that I had a couple support posts which I had replaced last year.  Of course, the fact I had to replace a few posts last years was likely a premonition of things to come.

   What with all the sections up, I now only have to focus on building the entry gates.  This should prove interesting, as I’ve never built a gate door from scratch before.  I’m thinking that if I just pay close attention to how the old ones are make, I should be able to duplicate the same general format and construction.  I did cheat a little bit in that I purchased a framing kit for reinforcing the gate frames, which should make construction a bit easier. 

   I am sure there are people who would ask why has this been taking so long.  Well the big difference between me and a professional fence building company, is most companies have a number of employees that show up and install a new fence.  They also usually do not have to worry about taking the old fence , of if they do they do not have to take a fence apart in a manner that makes it easier to dispose of.  As it was, taking into account that there was only me, and that this was a part time job opportunity, it has gone fairly quickly overall.  Of course the best thing for me is I have likely saved upwards of $4,000 by doing it myself.

   I can hardly wait to tackle taking on the replacement deck!  Well, maybe I can wait a little while.

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