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Too much Candy, is not a good thing!

So did you get enough candy last month?  Though I perhaps did not have enough candy to feel like the fellow below, I had enough to feel like I don’t care to eat as much in the near future.  Funny how we change over the years.  I remember as a kid, being able to eat multiple handfuls of candy will no ill effects what so ever.
  Of course, my folks might have a different memory than I.  Having witnessed the effects of the resent sugar highs on the grandson’s, perhaps there was more effect than I recall.  It may have benn that given some sugar I too was bouncing off the walls, looking for a way to burn off some of the extra energy boost.  But, now, if I have too much sugar, I’m ready to lay down and take a nap.  What’s with that!  No wonder as we get older, we fight getting fatter!  Now a days, I eat a big meal, I need a nap.  How am I supposed to lose weight when my body is always trying to conserve energy?  And why is it trying to conserve all the energy I wonder?
Anyway, I did not feel like this guy, and for that I am very happy.
Too much candy is not a good thing.

To much Candy, is not dandy.


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