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What to do while distancing from home?

Well, here we are in week, whatever it is, of the Covid-19 mess.  Spending a lot more time at home has provided us with an opportunity to spend a little more time on our backyard deck and actually enjoy our backyard!  One of the first things that I started to notice was that we had a lot more different types of birds around the house than I had really realized.  Having the time to just set and watch with a pair of binoculars, there are Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Red Bellied Wood Peckers,  Cedar Waxwings, and a little family of Blackburnian Warblers flying around.  So far the star of the local back yard group has been a family of Robin’s who build a nest on top of the back yard house light.

The Robin family was a determined little two birds at the start.  Twice I removed the beginning of a collection of dead grass that was appearing on top of the house light.  Then a few days later, I stepped out to find a completed next with four blue eggs inside.  As the nest was now already completed and in use, I had to leave it be.  But as it turns out, these Robins have been a treasure trove of entertainment.

Did you know that it is against Federal Law to remove an occupied active nest of a Robin?  In fact you cannot try to capture, raise, or Check out the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, if you doubt me.  All Migratory birds are protected under this treaty from being hunted, killed, captured or sold, or even messing with nests and eggs unless you have a specific license for such action.  This has helped to insure that birds are not over hunted, but also has includes a whole list of birds you do not think of when thinking about hunting of birds.

So, here are a photo of our new family of Robin’s:

Robin Family


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Christmas arrived and so did my telescope.

Well, it only took me just over 14 months to pick out a telescope.  I think I got the one that will be right for me.  You would think that deciding would have been an easy task, but it was far from it.  So in the end, I had to weigh the following factors:

*  Should it be easy enough to carry fully assembled or if quick to assemble, is that as important?

*  Should it be a goto (computerized) telescope, which would make finding things easier?

*  Will I be able to grow the setup by adding new components?

*  How much will it cost and how much am I willing to spend at this time?

*  It must be able to be used to take photographs (astrophotography).

*  Will my existing cameras work?  If yes, how much to add.

*  If to be used for astrophography, does it have to be an equatorial mount or will a azimuth mount work and if so, how well?

So after looking at perhaps at least a hundred different models of telescopes, based on cost, size, expandability, weight, cost, ease of use, cost, and months of hand wringing, I ordered a Meade LX80 10″ computerized scope with a newly designed combo mount which works in Equatorial as was as Alt/Azm operation.   So, for the past couple weeks, I have had either cloudy night, or temperatures down around ZERO every night.  So, now owning a 135 lb’s of scope (includes about 30lbs of counter weights), I now know I have to allow for setup-alignment-observing-teardown time when putting the scope to use.  As such, considering a slight fear of not wanting to get frost build-up on my new scope, I await slightly warmer weather.  Meanwhile, each clear night, even though it may be negative temps outside, I step out and take a look a Jupiter through my spotting scope, as Jupiter just happens to be at it’s brightest for the whole year!   So though I cannot yet get out to gaze into the night, at stars and galaxies and start the process of trying to capture them in a photo, I still am enjoying learning more about the things I hope to view directly for myself.

Let the viewing begin……as soon as it warms up a bit.

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Back to Washington State!

Well, this fall we traveled back to Washington.  Washington the state, that is.  Joined up with family members in the area and had a wonderful time.  It was late September, the weather was wonderfully cool, or rather not too warm and not too cold.  Just the way Goldie Locks would have liked it!   One our first full day we took a short drive down to catch one of the beaches during low tide.  We enjoyed a great time walking around looking into the tide pools to spot a great assortment of sea amenites, star fish, barnacles, crabs, clams and more.

One thing that did catch my eye this day, was the image below, in which there was this girl who had waded far out into the shallows off the shore line.  For some reason, the Title that comes to mind is:

“Walking before the waves”.


I will post a sideshow of the beach photo’s I took in a couple more days.  I know that it’s coming up upon the Christmas season, but every now and then, we just need to focus on something perhaps a little less commercialized, which does not make your think about ” I need to go buy something “.

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Getting Rich on a Blog.

   Come on, you really think you can get rich on a Blog?  Well perhaps it is possible, I just have not figured out how to do so.  But, if I ever do, then after I am really rich, I will be willing to share my secrets with everyone else, for a small modest fee of course, of lets say $9.95.

     Why is it that nothing ever sells for an even number?  Why not $10.00, or $20, or even $30?  Instead we get $19.95 or $29.95.   Why is someone willing to buy something that is only a nickel less?  Oh, I would never pay Twenty Bucks for that, but it’s only $19.95. 

    But then, let us not forget about that even narrower gap of 1-cent.  That right, only $19.99!    Like that should really make a difference.

    I guess that’s the thing about human nature.  Well, at least in a country founded on the premise of being one of the largest Consumer oriented nations in the world.  After all we live to find that deal that’s just too good to pass up.

   Perhaps that is the reason I have more than one digital camera.  Ok, more than two; I mean three; Ok so it’s four digital camera’s, one 35MM film, one 110, and a 128 film camera as well.  Well I just had to get the Digital, as film was getting so expensive.  Of course I do not print any more than I did when using film, but I have lots and lots of pics on the computer should I get the urge to print. 

    Perhaps, I am just saving up pictures for use in my retirement years? 

Now what was I talking about?

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