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“Worlds Greatest Dad” the movie.

   Just finished watching “Worlds Greatest Dad” with Robin Williams.  It’s a 2009 movie, that did not spend much time in the theaters.  I guess you could call it a dark comedy, based on the subject matter.  In a nut-shell it’s about how a father comes to terms with his son’s accidental self-caused death.  The father is embarrassed by how his son dies, so he makes it look like a suicide and things keep getting deeper from there.  Not a great movie, but some interesting things are brought to light through it.

   Have you ever noticed how many famous people are not famous until they are gone, you know, deceased.  Look at most of the worlds famous sculptors and painters, during what we know of as the Renaissance period.  Most of them were barely making a living.  So, perhaps not living pay-check to pay-check, but painting to painting anyway.  So many of the now famous composers, also did not obtain anything close to the wealth their creations bring today.  

  Why are some people willing to look and believe things about people only once they are no longer alive?  Things they would never have believed while that person was alive.  But then, there are certainly many people who are willing to listen and believe things about people living around them, based on nothing other than the word of another person. 

  So, is it ok to make things up about someone who has died, if it makes them out to be better than they were?  But, if it’s not the truth, than what we think we know about that person is a lie.  We do not know who that person was, but rather what someone else would have us believe.  Afterall, if something is written down, it must be the truth; yes? 

   Throughout history, people have written things down so that generations to come would know the truth.  Or, at least the truth they would have you believe.   That is one of the great things about science.   In science what is written can be tested and verified.  How do you verify what someone has written about, which took place in the past? 

   So, in the end, we can believe most of what we see, and question the rest.


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Watching the Academy Awards or “Mr. Oscar”

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Phantom of the Opera

   Last night we went to see the stage presentation of “Phantom of the Opera”.   Who says that special effects must be in a movie in order to be good.  Given the ability to make a stage turn into an underground river complete with flowing water and a gondola flowing along the water dodging flaming candles which appear rising out of the mist.

   Thanks in part to modern sound technology, there is no longer such a thing as a bad seat.  How they manage to hide microphones is another amazement.  Yes the technology has done truly fantastic things to the modern theater.  What has not changed is the need for raw, refined and polished talent.

   I was not disappointed with any of the categories.  Watching real talent is so much more interesting than a big auditorium stage production event which can be more smoke and mirrors utilized to amplify what would otherwise be average talent.   The tighter confines of a stage theater does not provide the the distance between the actors and audience thus making any flaws that more apparent, should there be any.

  The performance witnessed last evening was anything if not truly magical.   So perhaps it might just be worth forgoing a few movies and popcorn to buy the stage production tickets.

  I think “LIVE” is better then “MEMOREX”!

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Movies – words for a song

“I’m lighting candles for you”, could almost be a Blue’s Hit! Don’t you agree.

I’m lighting candles for you.
The cake is glowing
just because of you.

We blew them out together.
as the smoke set off
the detector!

Now the fire trucks
are here
just because of you!

Ok, maybe Country.

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Movies – “there’s a floor down there Monti”!

Whenever faced with a situation where we don’t really know the answer; from the “Golden Child”, “There’s a floor down there Monti!”

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