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What does 1 Million Gallons of water look like. Every-Second!


This is what One Million Gallons of water flowing by you, each and every second looks like.  This is the Gavins Point Dam, which is the last stop of the Mighty Missouri River, on it’s way to Omaha and Council Bluffs.  From the borders of South Dakota and Nebraksa, down to the flooded shared valley between Nebraska and Iowa, the water just keeps coming.  We hear about a town being flooded for days.  This summer the Missouri River is flooding NE/IA for MONTHS.


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It snowing in WordPress land!

As you see, it is snowing in WordPress.   Currently it is not snowing in Nebraska, but there is a lot of winter to go.  Based on all the snow we had last year, I think I am ready for more.  What’s wrong with me?

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See of RED!

  No not a misprint.  I meant to say See of Red and not Sea of Red, though either would be appropriate at a Nebraska Husker football game.  Though it was sad to see the Huskers lose to the Texas Longhorns, it was still an entertaining game.  There is also something about being seated among over 85,000 people all cheering together.  So regardless of win or lose, it is still fun to attend.  It was also nice to see that the few Texas fans scattered outside the few small Texas reserved areas, were free to cheer on their team, without retribution or harassment by the far larger Nebraska fan base.

   The only thing I will say, it that up around row 80, you better have a pair of binoculars, or be willing to keep your head turned to the big screen for the replays!

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Spring time in Nebraska.

   The season of spring is in the air of Nebraska.  For those who have not been here, contrary to movies and comedians, this is not a land of just grass lands and cattle.  After all, out in western Nebraska, there are oil wells!   Did you know that at one time, Omaha Nebraska was the central hub of all passenger trains traveling from the east or west.  It was true that all rails lead to Nebraska. 

    But where was I?  Oh yes, Spring time has arrived.  The flowers have bloomed, and trees are in flower and the grass is growing almost faster than you can mow it.  Of course, that assumes you are mowing only once a week.  Though as fast as the recent rain has kick started everything, I could be mowing twice a week to keep things looking better groomed. 

   The geese have landed in the nearby pond and soon there will be newborns swimming amongst the reeds.  Yes, spring has arrived in Nebraska, and it makes me happy.

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Still winter in Nebraska.

   Not much to say over the last few weeks.  Well there has been snow, followed by a little rain, followed by more snow and a dusting of snow to top it all off.  It’s looking like Nebraska may set a new record for having snow on the ground for the most consecutive days in row!  Snow is still piled up about mail-box high out front of the house. 

   I really do not mind the snow all that much.  This has really been the first winter in perhaps 30 years, which reminds me of the winters I remember growing up in Wisconsin.  From what I hear, back up in Wisconsin, they have been have a very similar winter.  Normally there is about a good 10 degree temperature difference from there to here, but this winter it seems more like about 2 degrees.

  If we had any good hills around here, we could all go skiing.  But with the lack of much more than mole hills, in terms of skiing, I think cross-country skies are more in line.  Just doesn’t seem the same some how.  In the mountains, it ride to the top and then all you have to do is keep standing and you arrive at the bottom.  Here, there is no ride to the top, but then it easy to keep standing, just more difficult to get to the bottom, at it is over the horizon.

  But still, all in all, I think I am not in a hurry for spring.  After all, it takes much less overall time to shovel the snow off the driveway, as compared to how long it takes to get the yard mowed.

  So, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

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80 on 80 in Nebraska

So, your heading West across the big wide state of Nebraska.  You are driving down the Interstate Highway number 80, traveling at 75 miles per hour plus.  Or as some would say, doing 80 on 80!
After traveling for hours after crossing from Iowa into Nebraska, you see something up ahead which does not look like a normal overpass up ahead.  As you get closer you can see what appears to be a giant covered bridge, straight out a Madison County Bridges scene from the Outer Limits. 
What you see as you get closer is what is actually a building which spans across the interstate, which contains a history lesson on how the West was made.   Having driven underneath this monument a number of times over the years, we did actually take the time to stop and go inside during one trip in years past. 
This is what could be one of the best stopping points along what is an otherwise very boring stretch of highway.  What I cannot understand for the life of me, is that they forgot to place the thing near any exits?  If you want people to stop and shop, do not expect people to drive backwards the other direction over 3 miles.  the average person is not going to feel they have the time to drive over six miles out of their way to see something that they have no Idea about what is inside.
Hopefully they will add an exit near this wonderful buildings, to make it more accessable and inviting for passerbys, to not pass this one up.
The great Platte Arch Monument

The great Platte Arch Monument

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