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Washington – Hurricane Ridge – Olympic Peninsula

South West of Seattle Washington lies an area known as the Olympic Peninsula area  Comprising the moutain range known as the Olympic Mountains and holding the Olympic National Park and Rain Forest area.  Along the Northeast line of the mountain range is the city of Port Angles.  Sitting high above and overlooking the port, Puget Sound and Canada across the waters, is an area known as Hurricane Ridge.


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Olympic Swimming, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Back-float.

  Watching the Olympic swimmers this evening, I do have to admire the skill and abilities of all the swimmers being so good at so many styles of swimming.  I’ve tried doing the backstroke and found that I really did like it.  Mainly because my head is always out of the water which positions my head and mouth in a position that allows me to BREATH!  I have always found this to be important.

    Though I can do the breaststroke, it’s does appear to be more of a modified dog-pattle if you ask me.  My freestyle is really good for the first few feet, but then I find it really necessary to get my head out of the water in order to BREATH! 

   So we finally come to the one style not really recognised by the Olympics and this is the Back-float.  I would love to be able to say I am a great back-floater, but truth be told, I am more of a Titanic back-floater.  My head does really good but for some reason my legs get pulled down by my feet and I find myself slipping into the deep like a warship who has taken a direct hit a stern.  As my feet hit an angle of about 45 degrees, my body just slips down below the surface.  As my head drops below the waterline, I keep wondering where my lifeboat is.

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Back to the Olympics. No more about fencing. How about Fencing?

  Well, enough about the back yard and fence work.  This week is for the Olympics.  Like a few (Million) other people around the world, my family were also tuning in to see just how well the U.S.A. teams faired against the world.  Had the chance to watch the China verses the USA in basketball.  Though the first half was somewhat closer, by the forth quarter the writing was already on the wall as to who the winner would be.  Regardless, it was a fun game to watch.  I thought the USA Team was playing much more like a true team and not just a bunch of big name stars who happen to be out on the basketball court at the same time.

  A large portion of the hype has been about swimming and Micheal Phelps, or so it seems.    Of course there have been a number of Olympic Champions to emerge from the games.  Check out Fencing for interested.  I know you thought I was done with all the fencing references, but in all seriousness, check out the results of the Women’s Fencing event, if you’re not already aware of the results.

  In Olympic Fencing, they swing long sordes at each other. 

In back yeard fencing, you swing a hammer. 



But in both, you must hit your target in order to win.  Accordingly, I should be receiving my Metal any day now!

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