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Social Distancing

Yes, the new term we have all been learning is Social Distancing.  But, with the Covid-19 Virus, it is not only a good idea, it is really needed today.  Who would have though that  just a couple months ago, that the impact of a microscopic virus, could bring the world to it’s knee’s so quickly.  But understanding the impact has forced everyone’s hand on this one.  The one practice not yet adopted in the western hemisphere is the practice of wearing a filter mask when a person knows they are sick with a cold or flu bug.  I think this is a practice that will be soon imported into North America, as a practical way for individuals to help not spread their illness.

In a hospital surgery room, it has been the standard practice to wear surgical masks (not N-95) as a safety precaution.  But, the real safety has been for the patient who is having an invasive surgery of some type.  The surgical mask, helps to isolate the surgical employee from the patient, so that they do not contaminate the patient surgical site by accident.  It’s been stated that these masks, cannot filter a particle as small as a Corona Virus, but then, most if not all virus’s are carried within small droplets of moisture which have been expelled by an individual when they are talking, coughing, or sneezing.  The surgical or even a double/triple layered cloth mask can capture something as large as a small water/moisture droplet, which is light enough to hang in the air for little bit.

So, I think we can expect that our new social norm is going to become, that the person who is wearing a mask in public, is doing so to help protect everyone around them, and not for the purpose of protecting themselves.  But, in times of a pandemic, think about what good could happen if everyone started to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of a virus which has not yet resulted in any symptoms, such as what is commonly happening for a day or two, before people start to feel any symptoms from an exposure they did not know they had received.

In the future, perhaps we all will say, Thank You, to a person we see wearing a mask in public, as they are not thinking of themselves, but rather each of us.



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Perhaps just more than a Cold?

   Well here I am six days later and still fighting off the “THE COLD”, or side effects there off.  Well five days ago, I gave up, and went to the doctor for meds.  Seems what was a cold morphed into a slight bronchial lung infection.  I am now on my final day of a five-day regiment of Azithromycin, which is an antibiotic found to be effective for this type of thing.  That combined with some Muslex to aid in getting some of the gunk out of my lungs, has help put me back on to the road to recovery.

   In doing some research, I have learned about gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.  Seems like the type of bacteria I feel victim to was the gram-negative variety of bacteria.  The interesting thing about colds is sometimes the thing that really makes you sick is not the cold, but the side effect flare-up of other things that can grow while your immune system is busy fighting off the cold virus.   So as it turns out, a bacterium’s best friend turns out to be a virus!

   Well today, I can once again breathe without having to take what feels like forced breaths.  Unlike a couple of days ago, I can also take a deep breath without feeling a slight deep-seated pain on the right-sided of my chest.  And last night was about the first night in three weeks that I did not have to keep blowing my nose throughout the night.  It was also the first night I was able to sleep in increments greater than a couple of hours, unlike the last couple weeks. 

   I find it truly hard to imagine what things were like back before there were the medicines we have available to us to-day.   When it comes to illnesses, I must say, “I do not long for the good ol’ days”!

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What, Another COLD!

   Can it be, another cold?  Seems like it was only last month that I was making note of being under the weather once again.  I wonder if I can sort out entries by category?  If so, I might just have a blog on the illnesses of me!

   As I think back, this one started out as a very minor sore throat about five weeks ago, which lasted about four or five days and went away.  Then about a ten days ago, I had the classic sinus cold kick in, with all the head pressure, unable to breath through the nose, and general, not feeling the best.  After a couple of days and very long nights of this, things shifted down to the throat and it felt somewhat like a replay of the sore throat a few weeks prior.  Then things moved further south into the lungs.

   So now, I have that heavy congested chest feeling.  You, know, the one where every once in a while you feel like taking an extra deep breath to catch up.  Glans along the back of the jaw are swollen.  Sinus’s still plug up every late afternoon and night.  Throat is just a tiny bit sore, or perhaps just more ticklish throughout the day.

   Speaking of nights, when this first kicked in, every night, it seemed like my nose just wanted to run throughout the night.  Keep lots and lots of tissue handy, is all I can say on that one.  So right now, aside from feeling like I am coughing up a lung every now and then, I have not had any fever to speak of, what so ever? 

   So I am sure this is not a flu bug, but rather a common cold that as is so typical for me, transitioned into a minor respiratory infection that hopefully will work itself out.  I suppose I could run to the doctor get a bunch of antibiotics, but I really would like my body to build up some old fashion self immunity to some of the bugs the grandkids keep exposing me to.  After all, what doesn’t kill us, sure makes life miserable. 

That is the saying isn’t it?

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24 Hour Flu Bug, or is it?

   I am feeling my normal self, once again.  Monday afternoon, was the first signs of stomach queasiness.  Two hours later I passed queasiness and moved straight into inverse mode.  Inverse mode, in case you are wondering, is where what is on the inside of your stomach moves to the inverse direction. 

  Upon completion of the stomach emptying ritual, it was time to move into the shake rattle and roll mode.  Or, if you prefer, whole body shakes and shivers.  This phase only lasted about 6 hours, before fading away.  I was then left with a huge headache which started sometime earlier, but I was too distracted to notice. 

   So it was now about midnight, my stomach feels like there’s a basketball knotted inside it.  I have body aches everywhere except toes and fingers; go figure.  I cannot sleep more than about 30 minutes before waking up not able to find a comfortable position.  I spend the night rotating between getting up going to watch a little late night TV, followed by heading back to bed for another 30 minute toss and turn episode.  By morning, I felt all better, except for the headache, body aches, knot in stomach, and an energy level just big enough to lift a feather.

  As you may have surmised, I called in sick at work on Tuesday.  Tuesday morning and early afternoon were just a repeat of the night before.  So here I was 24 hours later, after having first felt the onset of an illness hitting me, not feeling better.  So much for the 24 hour bug idea.  So far the only thing I had to eat, was a can of 7up spread over about 5 hours.  Not that I had much of an appetite to begin with, I did try a pudding cup and about a third of cup of chicken noodle soup. 

   So, by midnite, I was able to get almost an hour of continuous sleep at a time.  By Wednesday morning, I was feeling better, but not great.  Still had the huge headache, felt a little stronger than a baby, and I felt up to having some fruit for breakfast.  As such, figured I could tough out the day at work, just as easily as being bored at home watching daytime TV (yuck).  Kept feeling a little better throughout the day.  By late afternoon, all that was left was the huge headache, feeling weak and tired, and an occasional small stomach twinge.  I think the stomach twinge was from the big lunch.  Had a granola bar and some lemonade drink.  I was so stuffed!

   So after all this, I figure it’s time we officially rename the 24hour bug to at least the 48hour bug.  At least then people would have a better idea of just how long they have to wait until they start to feel normal again.

So remember if asked the Stomach Flu, also called the 24hour bug, is not officially the 48-HOUR BUG.

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Putting Cold predictions to the test.

   Should have known better than to write anything about catching a cold without tempting fate.   For a nice Thanksgiving treat, I am being treated to a good old fashion head cold.  So after a couple nights of sinus head pressure combined with a good case of post nasal drip, drip, drip, I am starting to feel a little bit better on day three.

   Though still better than coming down with the flu, I really wish this could have held off until after Turkey Day!  Food is not as good when you are constantly interrupted with a blowing your nose, and or coughing.  It also tends to place you down at the far end of the table from the other family members.  Not that I blame them of course. 

  So, if all predictions are correct, I can perhaps look forward to getting my first good nights sleep tonight.  So far, no problems with chest congestion, so hopefully this on will not morf into an infection battle. 

  So, just like everyone else, I really do not like colds!

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Cold’s Done!

   Cold started up on Tuesday and was running out of steam by Friday.  By Saturday, it was pretty much dead and over with, I am happy to say!  Though I have been feeling well since then, I do still have an issue in the middle of the night with a nostril suddenly getting a bit of a run-a-way drip going, which wakes me up.  So I Blow my nose and I’m good the rest of the night? 

   So, in spite of an interesting middle of the night, now and then, I feel right-as-rain, once again.

   So, just was does “Right-As-Rain” really mean anyway?  Is there a “Wrong-as-Rain” at the opposite end of the sprectrum?  I wonder.

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