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See of RED!

  No not a misprint.  I meant to say See of Red and not Sea of Red, though either would be appropriate at a Nebraska Husker football game.  Though it was sad to see the Huskers lose to the Texas Longhorns, it was still an entertaining game.  There is also something about being seated among over 85,000 people all cheering together.  So regardless of win or lose, it is still fun to attend.  It was also nice to see that the few Texas fans scattered outside the few small Texas reserved areas, were free to cheer on their team, without retribution or harassment by the far larger Nebraska fan base.

   The only thing I will say, it that up around row 80, you better have a pair of binoculars, or be willing to keep your head turned to the big screen for the replays!

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Ride’m Cowboy

Ride'm Cowboy

Ride'm Cowboy

What can I say, but “YEE HAAAAAAAA”!

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Super Bowl.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Well if you are like the rest of the majority of us, you did.  I really didn’t have a favorite team as I have not been following the games this seasons.  So you wonder, why did I bother watch this game?  In part, it’s for the commercials and the half-time show.  The other reason is, have you ever tried going to work after a Super Bowl and not being able to discuss the game, commercials and half-time show? 

I know, this is bending to peer pressure, but there really wasn’t anything else much on worth watching anyway.  Well, at least that’s my story and I need to stick to it. 

Of course, living in Nebraska, Super Bowl is more a calender marking that in three days, the college drafts begin, which is the preseason of college football.  Here in Husker land, the professional team of the NFL really are not held up in as high a priority as the College Football season.  Perhaps if we had a pro-team in Nebraska, things would be different.  Almost makes me long for the old days back up in Wisconsin where each fall, there was the revelry between the Green Bay Packers and Vikings each year to look forward to.

Anyway, the game was pretty good.  At least a team that I remember from years ago won, so I can say I’ve watched them before!

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