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Phantom of the Opera

   Last night we went to see the stage presentation of “Phantom of the Opera”.   Who says that special effects must be in a movie in order to be good.  Given the ability to make a stage turn into an underground river complete with flowing water and a gondola flowing along the water dodging flaming candles which appear rising out of the mist.

   Thanks in part to modern sound technology, there is no longer such a thing as a bad seat.  How they manage to hide microphones is another amazement.  Yes the technology has done truly fantastic things to the modern theater.  What has not changed is the need for raw, refined and polished talent.

   I was not disappointed with any of the categories.  Watching real talent is so much more interesting than a big auditorium stage production event which can be more smoke and mirrors utilized to amplify what would otherwise be average talent.   The tighter confines of a stage theater does not provide the the distance between the actors and audience thus making any flaws that more apparent, should there be any.

  The performance witnessed last evening was anything if not truly magical.   So perhaps it might just be worth forgoing a few movies and popcorn to buy the stage production tickets.

  I think “LIVE” is better then “MEMOREX”!


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