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Indoor Toilet – Outdoors!

Indoor Toilet - Outdoors!

Previously I was talking about a Teddy Bear, not being very cuddly. Well, one other thing I saw down in the deserts of southern California was an indoor toilet, which was not indoors.

Who would have thought anyone would put a standard indoor toilet outside, and just surround it by a rather low 6-7 foot wall. Perhaps this was done this way as a means to encourage people not to stay too long? And, I will admit, you don’t need a big vent fan or candles!

Still, there is so much about this that just does not seem right to me?


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PBS – limited to no commercial breaks!

Watching a series on PBX, I could not help but notice that before the end of the show, I needed to take a rest room break.  That’s when it dawned on me that the reason I am now faced with this dilemma is that PBS stations have very limited commercials!  PBS also has a number of very good early 1900 period series on the air.  At the very beginning they let you know who has helped support the programing and then again at the end of the show.

Perhaps if more of us start to watch and support PBS more often, the main-line networks would get the message?  It’s always worth a try I suppose.  Well, Downton Abby is coming on, so I will be tied up for the next hour with no time to make commercial break entries.

I think I just became a fan of PBS!


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Back to Washington State!

Well, this fall we traveled back to Washington.  Washington the state, that is.  Joined up with family members in the area and had a wonderful time.  It was late September, the weather was wonderfully cool, or rather not too warm and not too cold.  Just the way Goldie Locks would have liked it!   One our first full day we took a short drive down to catch one of the beaches during low tide.  We enjoyed a great time walking around looking into the tide pools to spot a great assortment of sea amenites, star fish, barnacles, crabs, clams and more.

One thing that did catch my eye this day, was the image below, in which there was this girl who had waded far out into the shallows off the shore line.  For some reason, the Title that comes to mind is:

“Walking before the waves”.


I will post a sideshow of the beach photo’s I took in a couple more days.  I know that it’s coming up upon the Christmas season, but every now and then, we just need to focus on something perhaps a little less commercialized, which does not make your think about ” I need to go buy something “.

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What does 9/11 mean to me?

It is now over a decade past the event now known as 9/11.  Like many, I was at my job that morning, only to hear about the event unfolding from others.  But once told, like millions of others, I spent periods of that morning viewing the TV newscasts at every chance I got.  As it turns out, I was watching one of the live broadcasts when the second plane hit the other Trade Center Tower.  It was a morning of confusion, disbelief, fear, and anger, for the millions of others far removed from the sites.  This feeling was only intensified as news spread about the Pentagon and then later what would become known as Flight 93.

Today, looking back, I believe we did see acts of heroism and selfless disregard for ones own safety, in efforts to save the lives of others.  Though most of the stories I believe are true, I do feel there have been some creative liberties taken with some of the stories, to build them up in an effort to make them more news worthy.   But regardless, some of the best in people came out on that day, and makes it memorable in it’s own right, for those efforts.

What concerns me though is how the politicians use events like these to help shape public opinion.  Leaders including religious leaders around the world, have the ability to shape people’s desires and actions through speeches and talks that work on the emotional state of mind of the listener.  These can be the catalyst for both great and horrible acts.  All one needs to do is look back through history and see that some of the greatest impacts to cultures have been the ability of a single person, to drive a complete society into action.

Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, Aristotle, Euclid, Moses are a few of the best known names of individuals who through a single persons words and actions hit the emotional core of those around them while alive and millions upon millions of lives after they were gone.  Each of these individuals spoke of great ideals to improve how people should live together.  Each of these individuals are known for attempting to help people live better lives in cooperation with all others.  It is said when their words are twisted into emotional weapons used to inflect pain and suffering on others and used to justify those very actions.

For those who think this is not the case, you only need to look into names such as Gingas Kon, Adolf Hitler, Ivan Vasilyevich,  Mao Tse-tung, Genghis Khan, to name a few.  Here too are individuals who through their words and actions caused millions of lives to be horribly extinguished.  They did not accomplish this with their own hands, but through their ability to control the emotional thoughts of others to inspire them to take suggested actions in what they had been convinced were justified and for the better good of ‘their’ society.  For those who think religious leaders have not done the same look into history of the Roman Catholic Inquisition as one example.  A more recent religious event being that of 9/11, inspired by those who justified the actions as being justified under Muslim teachings, those no one has been able to point out where those teaching are?

So, we all must use the intellect each of us have been given to weed through the words of those who would lead, to ensure the outcomes never end up generating what will be seen in history as evil.

The right to defend does not automatically equate, to the right to attack.  The good of the many does not justify the deaths of others because they live in a given society.  But, we do always retain the right to prevent others from inflicting harm.  It in determining what is the definition of harm that we sometimes get into trouble.


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What does 1 Million Gallons of water look like. Every-Second!


This is what One Million Gallons of water flowing by you, each and every second looks like.  This is the Gavins Point Dam, which is the last stop of the Mighty Missouri River, on it’s way to Omaha and Council Bluffs.  From the borders of South Dakota and Nebraksa, down to the flooded shared valley between Nebraska and Iowa, the water just keeps coming.  We hear about a town being flooded for days.  This summer the Missouri River is flooding NE/IA for MONTHS.

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I look just the way I used to look, at least in my mind!

    I was looking through an old High School year book, and it’s amazing how classmates look exactly  the way I remember them looking.  Then I was looking at a photograph of a recent class reunion.  Now it is amazing how hard it can be to recognize some of the same people who I spent well over 12 years of my life with.  Like most people, my mind retains the image of years ago.  I am sure that they look at a picture of me and say the same thing.

   I recall growing up hearing all the “Old” people at family get together commenting on how fast the years had gone by on them.  Suddenly, or at least it seems so, I am now thinking the same thing to myself.  What is interesting is that inside, I still think I am still the same me.  Oh sure, there have been a few external changes, but inside it’s still me. 

   Even at work, I act and behave the way it is expected a person doing what I do for a living to do.  I am serious when talking about “serious” business”, and willing to crack a smile at the appropriate times.  But, still inside my head, what my mind thinks does not always match what I know I must do.  After all, business is business, and we always have to be on guard to make sure others do not take advantage of our business position.

   But I must say, that even in everyday life we have to make sure others do not take advantage of us.  There is always someone out there looking to scam a few extra (or a lot) dollars out of our pockets all in the name of good business.  Why else would we all look the items that are sale first, over just walking in, picking out what we want and buying it.  Of course there are those with the resources that can do exactly that.  But then, if you could have anything you want, would you grow tired of not finding those items that mean something more to you than another item.

    But back to how I view the world not just around me, but the world inside me as well.  After all, the world is what we perceive the world to be.  And what that world is, is what our mind makes it out to be.   So with just a little imagination, I am able to visit where no other person has yet to see.   Sometimes it’s a book that takes me there.  Other times it is a good movie.  Once and awhile, it’s the dream that lingers on in the morning.  And then, it can be as simple are reliving a moment of the past, where everyone, including myself, looks just like I remember.

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