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Words are but thoughts made visible.

What does 9/11 mean to me?

It is now over a decade past the event now known as 9/11.  Like many, I was at my job that morning, only to hear about the event unfolding from others.  But once told, like millions of others, I spent periods of that morning viewing the TV newscasts at every chance I got.  As it turns out, I was watching one of the live broadcasts when the second plane hit the other Trade Center Tower.  It was a morning of confusion, disbelief, fear, and anger, for the millions of others far removed from the sites.  This feeling was only intensified as news spread about the Pentagon and then later what would become known as Flight 93.

Today, looking back, I believe we did see acts of heroism and selfless disregard for ones own safety, in efforts to save the lives of others.  Though most of the stories I believe are true, I do feel there have been some creative liberties taken with some of the stories, to build them up in an effort to make them more news worthy.   But regardless, some of the best in people came out on that day, and makes it memorable in it’s own right, for those efforts.

What concerns me though is how the politicians use events like these to help shape public opinion.  Leaders including religious leaders around the world, have the ability to shape people’s desires and actions through speeches and talks that work on the emotional state of mind of the listener.  These can be the catalyst for both great and horrible acts.  All one needs to do is look back through history and see that some of the greatest impacts to cultures have been the ability of a single person, to drive a complete society into action.

Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, Aristotle, Euclid, Moses are a few of the best known names of individuals who through a single persons words and actions hit the emotional core of those around them while alive and millions upon millions of lives after they were gone.  Each of these individuals spoke of great ideals to improve how people should live together.  Each of these individuals are known for attempting to help people live better lives in cooperation with all others.  It is said when their words are twisted into emotional weapons used to inflect pain and suffering on others and used to justify those very actions.

For those who think this is not the case, you only need to look into names such as Gingas Kon, Adolf Hitler, Ivan Vasilyevich,  Mao Tse-tung, Genghis Khan, to name a few.  Here too are individuals who through their words and actions caused millions of lives to be horribly extinguished.  They did not accomplish this with their own hands, but through their ability to control the emotional thoughts of others to inspire them to take suggested actions in what they had been convinced were justified and for the better good of ‘their’ society.  For those who think religious leaders have not done the same look into history of the Roman Catholic Inquisition as one example.  A more recent religious event being that of 9/11, inspired by those who justified the actions as being justified under Muslim teachings, those no one has been able to point out where those teaching are?

So, we all must use the intellect each of us have been given to weed through the words of those who would lead, to ensure the outcomes never end up generating what will be seen in history as evil.

The right to defend does not automatically equate, to the right to attack.  The good of the many does not justify the deaths of others because they live in a given society.  But, we do always retain the right to prevent others from inflicting harm.  It in determining what is the definition of harm that we sometimes get into trouble.



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I look just the way I used to look, at least in my mind!

    I was looking through an old High School year book, and it’s amazing how classmates look exactly  the way I remember them looking.  Then I was looking at a photograph of a recent class reunion.  Now it is amazing how hard it can be to recognize some of the same people who I spent well over 12 years of my life with.  Like most people, my mind retains the image of years ago.  I am sure that they look at a picture of me and say the same thing.

   I recall growing up hearing all the “Old” people at family get together commenting on how fast the years had gone by on them.  Suddenly, or at least it seems so, I am now thinking the same thing to myself.  What is interesting is that inside, I still think I am still the same me.  Oh sure, there have been a few external changes, but inside it’s still me. 

   Even at work, I act and behave the way it is expected a person doing what I do for a living to do.  I am serious when talking about “serious” business”, and willing to crack a smile at the appropriate times.  But, still inside my head, what my mind thinks does not always match what I know I must do.  After all, business is business, and we always have to be on guard to make sure others do not take advantage of our business position.

   But I must say, that even in everyday life we have to make sure others do not take advantage of us.  There is always someone out there looking to scam a few extra (or a lot) dollars out of our pockets all in the name of good business.  Why else would we all look the items that are sale first, over just walking in, picking out what we want and buying it.  Of course there are those with the resources that can do exactly that.  But then, if you could have anything you want, would you grow tired of not finding those items that mean something more to you than another item.

    But back to how I view the world not just around me, but the world inside me as well.  After all, the world is what we perceive the world to be.  And what that world is, is what our mind makes it out to be.   So with just a little imagination, I am able to visit where no other person has yet to see.   Sometimes it’s a book that takes me there.  Other times it is a good movie.  Once and awhile, it’s the dream that lingers on in the morning.  And then, it can be as simple are reliving a moment of the past, where everyone, including myself, looks just like I remember.

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Welcome 2011, Goodbye 2010, were did the decade go?

    Was the end of 2010 the end of the decade, or was it 2009?  I guess if the decade started at January 1, 2000, than January 1, 2010 would be the beginning of the next decade.  But in terms of a simple time-line, a decade is ten years, so the last decade is just the last ten years.

   I will say the last decade could be viewed as somewhat of a downer over all.  After all, we have been fighting a war, the stock market plummeted, taking retirement funds right along with it.  We saw huge companies called to big to fail who were bailed out using tax payer money.  There were hurricanes which wiped out cities, tsunamis which killed thousands untold, and volcano’s which shut down air traffic across Europe.  The last few years, we have seen some of heaviest snow fall in decades, at a time, everyone is worried about global warming.

   But, we have also seen a revival of volunteerism taking root to help those in need.  We have seen people open their hearts and homes to those who lost theirs.  We have seen that people are once again learning the lesson of “Saving for a Rainy Day”.   Learning to save, starts with learning that you need to manage your money.  A lesson many people learned the hard way this last decade.

     So how will you live the next decade?  I hope like many, you will share a bit of what you have with those who have nothing.  This may take the form of giving money to a local shelter or the community charity fund raiser.  It may also be volunteering some of you time to help out at one of the same.  Or, it may be dropping off some clothing or household items at the local Goodwill location.  It may also be stopping in at that same Goodwill location and buying something you may or may not need.  If you wonder why I mention the last item, it’s because the way Goodwill works is they provide jobs for many people who lack the skills or abilities to get a job anywhere else.  They make money to pay these people from the items they sell at their stores.  If no one goes into the store and buys, no money, no jobs. 

   But regardless of how you view the past years, or look forward to the years to come, each of us must live one day at a time.  After all, the nature of time, is that we live in the moment, for we cannot experience that which has already passed.  We cannot experience tomorrow, until the NOW finally gets there.  We can remember our yesterdays and look forward to our tomorrows.  We can learn from the past, and plan for the future.  But, at the end of the day, it’s the end of the day, but still just NOW.

  To everyone, I wish each of you a NOW you will be able to remember as being good, and future year of continued good for each NOW along the way.

Happy New Year

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Happy Thanksgiving!

  I hope each one of you have something, or someone, you are feeling Thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Though we would like to be spending time with other members of the family, the Mrs and I will be spending T-Day by ourselves.   Though we have family who live here in the same city, our daughter will be spending the day with her family and in-laws this year.  Our other daughter lives hundreds of miles away, down in Texas with her spouse.   There is also family living hundreds of miles to the North, West and East.  So, driving to another location is really not an option for tomorrow.

   But we have much to be Thankful for.  We have family living in over six states whom we see at least on an annual basis.  We have daughters who call us and drop us emails on a regular basis, sharing their lives with us.  We have two grandson’s who live within just a few miles, with whom we get to spend frequent weekends with.  We have family members who care about us and keep us posted on their lives as well as asking about ours.  We both have good jobs, a nice home, newer reliable cars and food on the table every day.  (we could perhaps use a little less food on the table based on the scale?) 

    And best of all, each of us have the great fortune to have spent the last 36 years sharing our lives together.  I can only hope we both live long enough to double the time.

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Thoughts from days long ago.

   Have you ever read something about what other people recall only to remember things from your own memories.  I was reading a chapter of some memoirs which got me thinking about times long ago in my own life.  There was a time when imagination was almost as strong as real life.  Memory is a fickle thing.  If you fail to reinforce it now and then things can slowly fade away.  So every now and then, it is a good thing to think back and recall things almost forgotten, before they are.

   Some of what I was reading was about how others have treated you when you were younger, or perhaps even a child.  I grew up in a family business which required interaction with people from the neighboring small town I grew up near.  I recall many an evening having to wait on patrons whom were anything but polite.  The knowledge of knowing that I must be polite even to those who were being down right rude to me.  After all, the money they spent was what help keep food on the table and pay the bills.  Not many kids of seven or eight have learned what it means to do good business.

   What also occurred to me, was the feeling of dread, in that each person I served a meal to, or brought a drink to their table, were the eyes and ears for my parents.  There was nothing I could do in town which would not eventually make it back to the business and my parents.   But, have you ever noticed how bad news travels faster than good?  If there is one thing that people in a small town do love, it has to be gossip.

   The other thing I remember learning, was how to put on a face.  Never let the other person see your hand, we are told in playing cards.  The same is true for business.  You never let a customer know what you are really thinking about them.  You have to make them think you like them.  You have to let them think you really like being their servant.  They want water, you go fill a glass and bring it to them.  They want a beer, you open the bottle and offer to pour it into the glass.  You ask, are you hungry, can I get you anything?  And of course you smile, smile, smile! 

   The other thing I learned was that people like to laugh.  People who are laughing and having a good time, spend more money.  So, you try your best to be humorous.  I think at times I perhaps tried to hard, and was not able to “turn it off”.  This perhaps carried over into my behavior in school growing up as well.  I always felt the need to be funny.  It is perhaps, something that I never grew out of.  Only now, like a matured wine, some of the sweetness of youth has been replaced with a sharper edge to my humor.  I only hope that it is still as well liked as years ago?

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Time and Space – part 2

   I wrote a while back about some thoughts on Time and Space.  There seems to be much conflicting information regarding the true nature of the universe.  Another item which crossed my mind the other night as I lay in bed waiting for sleep to arrive, was the rate of the expansion of the universe.

  Hubble measured the expansion of the universe to be one of ever-increasing rates of speed, the farther distant you look.  I have yet to hear of a theory of why this difference in speed exists.  Well, as I was contemplating this issue, a deep dark thought occurred to me.  No, not anything evil, but rather Black Hole Theory.  When you  think about a the gravity well of a Black Hole, the concept that comes to my mind is one of a string of rubber bands.  In this case, rubber bands that start off as weak ones, followed by ever larger ones and more powerful ones as you approach the Black Hole. 

  So what does this have to do with the expansion of the universe?   First you have to think about what is beyond the boundary of the universe?  Based on much of what I have read, what is perhaps most logically to be expected is a total pure vacuum.  Not the vacuum of space as we know space outside the boundaries of the Earth, Solar System, or even the vacuum of space between the Milky Way and our neighbor the Andromeda galaxy.  For this space is anything but empty.  All the partial physicists agree that in the vacuum of space as we know if, you will find molecules abound and particles keep popping into and out of existence in the subatomic regions of space.

   Now back out to beyond the known universe, is the pure vacuum of nothingness that existed prior to the singularity, or event region between different dimensions, which Banged, or Tore itself, depending on theories, into being. 

   I think of this pure vacuum of nothingness as being the source of why the galaxies further away, are moving faster and faster the further you look.  Think of the inverse of the Black Hole effect.  as the universe expands, matter is moving farther away from each other.   This increasing distance correlates to a reduction in the force that gravity can expend between the gravity wells of the galaxies.  This would mean that the true vacuum of space outside the universe, is acting as an attraction force drawing matter ever outward at ever-increasing velocity as the force of gravity becomes weaker as matter is spread ever thinner in our expanding universe.  Thus as the force of gravity increases exponentially around a Black Hole, the force the The True Vacuum outside the boundary of the universe is having an exponential influence on the speed of the expansion of the universe as the universe thins due to expansion.  Thus, the closer the galaxy is to the edge of the universe, the faster it will move, being drawn, or pushed as it were, through a straw, from a region of high pressure of compacted matter, into and toward the low pressure region of the True Vacuum beyond the edge of the universe.

Ok, I think I can go to sleep now.

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