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Indoor Toilet – Outdoors!

Indoor Toilet - Outdoors!

Previously I was talking about a Teddy Bear, not being very cuddly. Well, one other thing I saw down in the deserts of southern California was an indoor toilet, which was not indoors.

Who would have thought anyone would put a standard indoor toilet outside, and just surround it by a rather low 6-7 foot wall. Perhaps this was done this way as a means to encourage people not to stay too long? And, I will admit, you don’t need a big vent fan or candles!

Still, there is so much about this that just does not seem right to me?


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2009 Yellowstone – Bull Elk in rut.

What could be more exciting than being witness to two bull Elk fighting for the right to mate with the herd.

Two Bull Elk fight for mating rights.
Two Bull Elk fight for mating rights.
Bull Elk lock horns.
Bull Elk lock horns.

The dominate male on the right was successful in deterring the rival bull from sticking around.  Minutes later the rival on left, turned and headed back up the bank into the nearby hillside.  Shorty there after, the winning male bugeled his success to the females down by the stream.

   This September visit to our first National Park, resulted in some of the best wildlife spotting we have ever been lucky enough to witness.  After starting our visit out in the Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin area, we worked our way back around to Lake Yellowstone and then headed up past Canyon and Tower and then up to Mammoth Hot Springs, taking stops at each along the way.  The fall season ended up being a bit more of a challenge, as the road between Old Faithful and the Norris Geyser Basin area was closed for road construction.   Just north of Mammoth heading down toward the north entry gate near Gardner, we happened upon a large herd of Elk along the river one early morning. 

    Viewing two male bull Elk fighting over the right to mate with the herd was something we each thought we would only see on a TV show.  To witness this first hand, was something we not only felt lucky about, but truly privileged.  The National and State Park systems are assets which each of us needs to make sure our government representatives know is appreciated and always in need of their continued support and protection.

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Yellowstone 2009

    We just returned from a wonderful week in Yellowstone National Park.  We only wish we would have  had many more weeks to stick around.  A word of advise is the park does start to shut down mid September.  But what a great time of year to enjoy the nature of what is Yellowstone. 

    What a thrill to see Bull Elk locking horns while fighting for the right of the herd next to a mountain stream, glittering into the warm haze of the morning sun.  Or, perhaps the site of a black bear turning over rocks to gain access to the moths hiding beneath.  Maybe it was the site of over 400 Buffalo grazing in the golden fall colored grass, leading down to the blue of the Yellowstone River below.  Perhaps it was the a family of three Otters gliding down the rapids only to turn around and climb back up the rocks in what appeared to be nothing more than a trip to the local amusement park.  Then again, I think the sight of a Ospry swooping out of the sky to snatch a trout out of the stream, while hordes of fishermen could only stand hip deep in the water staring in envy.

Any single item of those listed above is reason alone to take the trip to Yellowstone.  But, I haven’t even gotten around to taking about the thermal features.

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Back to Washington and Mount Baker.

Getting back to the great state of Washington; just a short third of a day drive, north of the Seattle area is the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.  From the apline parking lot, there are trails leading the way into a myriad of mountain adventures.  These excersions can be either a day hike, or day(s) hikes.  We committed to a nice long day hike for our adventure.

Entry sign to Mount Baker and Snoqualmie National Forest.

Entry sign to Mount Baker and Snoqualmie National Forest.

Below are just a sample of the many wonderful views and sights we witnessed during our day long hike.  We can hardly wait to someday get back to try out a new trail.  There was this fantastic glacier on the next mountain to the north, which we would love to hike up to sometime in the future.
Mountain Glacier

Mountain Glacier

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Washington Olympic National Park – the Hoh

   Setting between the Olympic mountain range and the Pacific Ocean lies and area known as the Hoh.   The Hoh is about one of the only chances you will get to go into a temperate rain forest, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.  The western side of the Olympic Peninsula is the only place in the Continental United States you can find a temperate rain forest.  Receiving over 150 inches of rain each year, the main theme here is GREEN.  Take a walkthrough the Hall of Mosses or a walk down Spruce Trail out to the Hoh River for an experience not to be found anywhere else in the country.  There are only about five such rain forests in the world and Washington state has one of them.  Not to be confused with a tropical rain forest, where temperatures hover around 100 degrees every day, this is a rain forest where temperatures can be much cooler.  It is the amount of rain that makes the big difference.

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