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No crash, but the windshield needed some work.

Well, made it through the last couple weeks with no one else running into me.  But, as the old saying goes, “When it rains, it pours”!

Perhaps not really a pour, but the other week was a sprinkle.  A sprinkle of rocks kicked up by a semi that is.  So, less than couple weeks out of the body shop and I had a crack in the windshield!  The glass company does what they call a repair these days.  What I did not know is that the repair does not leave the windshield as good as new.  Though they can inject epoxy which stops the cracking, it does not get rid of the small chipped area in which some of the glass was removed by the flying rock.

So, now have this little small pit area on the glass that I always know is there.  Another person may not really notice it, unless pointed out.  I however, see it as the first flaw in what only a few months ago was my shinny new vehicle.  Now I am the owner of what is, in the back of my mind, a used and flawed vehicle.  Of course, it really is still a very nice, new looking vehicle.  Amazing how quickly our perceptions can change however. 

But, there still is that new car smell!  Sometimes you need to overlook the little flaws in order to see the true beauty in something.  So, in a way, a vehicle can be a little bit like people.

I am sure the first rock chip in the paint job is really going to be painful!


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